While this is a book-digest thing, it still is featured in the Guardian. This is interesting, because the Guardian is somewhat of a unique paper even in Britain:

[…] The Guardian had a reputation as “an organ of the middle class”, or in the words of C.P. Scott’s son Ted “a paper that will remain bourgeois to the last”[…] Source: Wikipedia

To quote:

“Common Kate was more reserved and their romance flourished when they shared a house at St Andrews while William was nursing a broken heart after Carly Binky-Binkerton had told him there was no way she was going to shag him, even if he was a prince. It is a tribute to Kate’s many qualities and commonness that he was able to survive this tricky period.”

“William’s behaviour, completely understandable in such an obviously heterosexual member of the royal family, merely stiffened her resolve as she resigned her demanding job at Jigsaw to concentrate on becoming his bride. I can also exclusively reveal that Charles, an often misunderstood man who cares deeply for his children, intervened. “Stop being such a silly arse,” he told his son. “You can still shag around when you’re married. So just get on with it and put that fool Jobson out of his misery.” ”

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These aren’t royal hardliners. These aren’t steadfast republicans. Yikes.