Happy New Year everyone!

I am more convinced than ever that the universe is out to get me.

After Princess Caroline and her family spent their Christmas vacation in Rio, Pierre and Beatrice went on to go beach-bumming in Uruguay.

Of all places!

I mean, who goes to Uruguay for surfing and stuff, huh? And when the one half of my heart that has not been pondering royals last year was beset with Uruguayan footballers no less!

Pierre running into Diego would be almost worth it. Unfortunately, Forlán is in Spain, as far as anyone knows. (And granted, Andrea’s hair IS somewhat shorter by now but a casual glance…)

Also. Pierre. Honey. I love you. I do, because you’re fun enough and you don’t care what anyone thinks….most of the time. But do you really have to look like you could be one of the “Dirty Dancing” dance instructors? Because that is giving me interesting thoughts I should probably not have about you. (Whereas, Pierre is on a retro binge anyway, so this is not surprising…and at least not 60’s Mad Men/Ratpack incarnation like last time. Whereas that did have a lot of style. Maybe they should cast him for “White Collar” as Neal’s adversary or something? That could be fun.)