You can read the exact details elsewhere, but let’s talk about what it means, shall we? At least he parts.

11 am wedding, which means: no tiaras (except for the bride, even though this isn’t mandatory, but I don’t think Miss Middleton will waive that perceived right). Dress code will be black tie, short dress and hat for the ladies. (This will be very interesting due to past hattery incidences of the York Princesses.)

Carriage procession. Uhm…which is okay, but my latest intel is for a carriage of glass?! Talk about extravagant, eh?

“The Queen will give a Reception for the couple and guests drawn from the congregation representing the couple’s official and private lives.” Which is completely within The Queen’s right, yes. But! “drawn from the congregation” means that not everyone will be invited and the selection will likely be made by Prince William and Miss Middleton, meaning they will, most likely, step on a few toes. They should think this through very, very well.

Don’t forget, William’s position will be one he has for life, he can’t afford to make bad with anyone else who might be sitting somewhere for life. And even if that person isn’t sitting a throne themselves, blood ties will always prevail at the very least within the immediate families (the question is how many of actual heirs will come anyway, for the moment I don’t see a lot).

And a private dinner hosted by Charles, the poor man. Well, but that (and dancing in Buckingham Palace Oo) will only be for closest family and friends (hopefully Chelsy will endeavour to keep Harry in check).

Catastrophe waiting to happen.

Edit for clarification: The glass carriage was part of the wedding if Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, she arrived in it with her father. Miss Middleton will arrive by car and according to what I heard yesterday (but I have no written proof for this as it was something snatched during a radio show) the newly married couple will do the carriage drive in it.