A tidbit that I’ve read on several sites that feature discussion of the upcoming British nuptials:

Many believe the monarchy will not survive on a long term basis and that William might just be the last King of England.

In the history of monarchies, and especially since democracies and republics have become a major form of government in Europe, there have always been anti-monarchy movements. This isn’t new in England, not in Denmark, or Sweden (might be different in Norway, mostly since the Norwegians only elected their current ruling house less than a century ago). And in England, with Edward VIII abdicating, things might have gotten heated.

No one disputes HM The Queen as the head of state.

People have been discussing of Prince Charles should be King at all, considering his advanced age, because only a young ruler will really make a difference (see The Queen, Rainier III of Monaco, and others). If it might not be better if Prince William was to ascend the throne directly after his grandmother. Those considerations have been cropping up occasionally in the last 15 or so years and have always been dealt with.

Now, however, things are turning into a completely different direction. This is not a major movement but fits with the fact that people are not too enthused about this wedding and that it’s turning more and more into a celebrity wedding, rather than a royal one.

It was a William who founded the State of England. He was illegitimate, he was leading the campaign that conquered Britain for the last time in history and he was about 60 years old when he died (which was quite old for a man living in the 11th century). It will be interesting to see if, a thousand years later and with 3 other King Williams in between, King William V will be known as William the Last in history books. Because even if the line continues, the right to rule is not his to demand for his descendants, but the peoples to grant them.

Quick Edit: Most monarchies have survived abysmal sovereigns before. But times have changed considerably and the past 100 years, and I’m not sure that in a quite unique situation that the House of Windsor is in (with the Commonwealth and all) this can stand.