Prince Carl Philip is at an age (after all, the good man is turning 32 this year) when lots of his friends and relatives are getting married. Although we see him at wedding receptions of friends much less often than, say, Prince William, that might more be due to the fact that people aren’t all that interested in CP, rather than the fact that the Swedes aren’t getting married quite as often.

And then there is a difference in circles of friends for these two, I suppose. Prince William’s friends are often of aristocratic background, people he grew up and went to school with. While the Swedes do have nobility (counts and barons mostly), Prince Carl Philip’s friends seems to stem from the money side of things for the most part. While both kinds of weddings are indeed society events, more attention is paid to the true aristos in Britain. Plenty of people have money in England, not all or old money, though.

Considering Carl Philip is not a man who values publicity all that much (as is evident whenever he’s forced to show up somewhere), he might have found that more attention is being paid to him since he’s taken up with Miss Hellqvist.

One has to wonder what he thinks about that.

What we all do know is that he absolutely dashing at his sister’s wedding last year. As in I-want-to-drag-you-into-my-lair gorgeous. Not that he should have any problems getting laid. He’s pretty and he has money, people have been known to go for less.

All the more interesting is this wedding Miss Hellqvist took him to recently. It was a childhood friend of hers getting married, and they attended together (now some might argue it’s getting more serious…I suspect different motives, because….it’s CP). Anyway, there exists a video from the reception and Expressen put it onto their channel (unfortunately WordPress won’t let me embedd at this point so you only get the link).

Doesn’t look all that thrilled now, does he? Of course, it’s an event where he had to show up in a suit (which he dislikes) and where he knew no one else but Miss Hellqvist, still there’s an uncomfortable air around him… And dear Carl Philip, you look like a nervous girl at prom when you twirl around your straw like that.

Let’s see how smart he is and when it starts dawning on him that he’s an accessory, rather than anything else (he can’t even turn into the male version of a trophy wife because Miss Hellqvist isn’t what you might call successful in the big shot way, after all, he has all the money in that relationship).

On a side note: The hockey player who was linked to Princess Madeleine last year (Henrik Lundqvist, he’s on the Swedish National Team and plays for the NY Rangers hence his run in with Madde) got engaged recently.