Okay, I’ll tell you: Andrea Casiraghi’s newest streetwear. [Edit: On closer look in the light of day, I think teh shirt’s pink.]

So that was low, I admit it.

You all might have heard Princess Caroline’s family an their entourage spent Christmas in Rio, staying/on invitation of Andrea Dellal and Vera Santo Domingo, the mother’s of Charlotte and Andrea’s significant others respectively.

A friend sent me a(n unfortunately LQ) page from a magazine that, by what I can make out from the bold printed text that’s readable just so, has to be recent.

This should clear up all and any speculation on if Andrea is still with Tatiana or not! (Because I get search queries on this quite a lot. Yes, Tatiana has shown up without him most of the time last year, but my impression of that relationship is that Miss Santo Domingo is rather self-sufficient and doesn’t need an arm to hang on to, contrary to certain other girls who have hung around royalty the past few yeas.)

Okay, I’m going to say it: Awwwwwwwwwwww.

But seriously, aren’t they a cute couple? Body language and all! I wish we’d gotten pictures like that from William and Miss Middleton in the past few years, no one would say a thing!


Looking at these images though, now I’m not surprised anymore that the queries for a possible pregnancy have skyrocketed in the past week or so.

Okay, guys… I know, she looks pregnant here. But Miss Santo Domingo has a tendency to dress flowing. She’s a tall woman with hips and all. She could probably hide a pregnancy until well into the third trimester without starving herself or the baby. That’s just how she’s built.

Now, no, I’m not saying he has gotten her in the family way. Although the woman isn’t getting younger, she has a few years yet, and there’s just too much insecurity where Andrea’s position is concerned at the moment. No one knows if Andrea will ever sit that throne or not, or what’s to become of him. Miss Santo Domingo strikes me is absolutely stable and sensible and I’m not sure she’d be all that thrilled about becoming Princess of Monaco in the future. While she has the connections that the country would benefit from, I’m not sure she really would want to do that to herself.

And on the other hand, looking at those two right there, I’m not quite sure that Andrea feels enough patriotism and credo – in lack of a better word – to give up his relationship for the position as prince, should it come to that. A lot will depend on what Prince Albert does in the next…two, three years heir-wise. I suppose it would be helpful to both Andrea as well as his girlfriend if they knew what was what at 30 and Miss Santo Domingo is a year older than Andrea.

Well, time will tell.

Time will also tell about a possible pregnancy. Although I have my doubts. Miss Santo Domingo was in New York after the turn of the year to attend a Missoni photo shoot (Leighton Meester was at that one, too). Pictures of that one showed up in the NY Times, among other places, and the press has gone nuts over this one, don’t ask me why. Anyway, there was a picture with (from left to right) her an Olympia Scarry and, of course, Margherita Missoni:

Pregnant? Argumentative, but I do have my doubts. Revealing clothes, yes (goodness, girl, you’re wearing sensible underwear, I may have to build you an altar and worship you), but I don’t think that’s a baby belly.

I’m opening comments for this one, for now. Also, if someone has that magazine page in higher res and/or bigger, I’d be much obliged ;-).