Crown Princess Victoria left her husband at home when she attended the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

But not to worry, her cousin kept her company (pesky watermarks are pesky, sorry):

The Sweden-Luxembourg connection is rather strong. This is not just due to the fact that HGD Guillaume’s great-grandmother was Queen Astrid of the Belgians (originally a Swedish princess), but the Grand Ducal Couple and the King and Queen of Sweden seem to get along very well. Prince Carl Philip always looks somewhat angsty when they’re around, but then he hates the official stuff.

So this is not surprising. Victoria and Guillaume have probably known each other for a good part of their lives and they get along well on a personal level, too. They’re both in the same position in the succession and that probably only strengthened any bond between them. Victoria is, of the heirs to crowns, the closest to Guillaume in age (except Prince William but he’s not the direct heir and the Brits are special anyway), so that’s another point.

Guillaume has a knack for Scandinavian women though, he’s struck up a friendship with Mette-Marit a couple of years ago that is flourishing. (Mary’s not Scandinavian and I’m not discussing the ‘snub’ several years ago, mainly because…what’s the worth? And anyway, he was just more interested in talking with Freddles about footie in a language Mary didn’t understand anyway.)