Prince William and Kate Middleton visit lifeboat station for first joint Royal engagement Thursday, Feb 24 2011 

I’m not going to go as far as saying I’m impressed (mostly because I’m not), but she did put her hair up (or well, back at least). Kinda. Also, she actually…well….’worked’. If you can call that working, but I digress.

Still with the make-up, the weight (waist, legs, come on someone make the girl eat), and I’m neither enamoured with the fascinator nor the shoes (she should have worn her old boots here, would have been much better, because ugh, shooties). Also, the coat is rather boring, Camilla could wear that and get away with it.

Generally, I’d have said an engagement Angelsey is a good idea, because they live there anyway, and for a first engagement in her new role, or what’s going to be her new role, it’s perfect. And there’s quite a crowd there. On the other hand, yeah I’m not happy with the outfit. Hair yes, everything else (and the person, but well), no. Also, William, would it have hurt you to wear a uniform? The only reason I like to watch you anymore is you wearing a uniform. Especially the black one.

Also, you do know you’re allowed to touch her now, yes?

Pictures (snagged from the Mail article):


The Wills & Waity movie Tuesday, Feb 22 2011 

I guess it’s bad when the actors have more chemistry than the people they’re meant to portray (let’s not talk about looks…because the real people lose out on that, too).

Lady Gabriella Windsor starts at Oxford Saturday, Feb 19 2011 

I blogged about Lady Gabriella Windsor a little bit ago, because I thought Miss Middleton should get fashion advice for her.

Gabriella attended Brown University (in the States), where she graduated six years ago.

Says The Telegraph in a byline today:

When Lady Gabriella Windsor chose to attend Brown University in America it was seen as part of a growing trend for young Britons to study abroad.
However, the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent has shown that she has nothing against higher education in Britain by starting an anthropology PhD course at Oxford.
“She graduated six years ago, so it is quite a thing to go back,” says her mother, Princess Michael. “I am very proud.”

Yay for young royals getting higher education than absolutely required!

Barf Bags Wednesday, Feb 16 2011 

I know the economy is disastrous in Britain, and I’m not going to lie, I understand everyone who wants to make a pretty penny off “The Royal Wedding”.

And I did think the condoms (see below) were hilarious.

But even though I also understand the sentiment behind this product, I find it marginally worrying.

The blue version is already sold out.

Ah, the Brits.

To be expected… Monday, Feb 14 2011 

This was just a matter of time but for what it’s worth:

Royal wedding: Prince William chooses brother Harry to be his best man

I had a slight moment of panic when my too-exhausted brain erased the ‘be’ from the URL and suddenly Harry was married off to God knows who (Chelsy? Some Catholic exotic dancer? It IS Harry), but no, all is still well (err…as far as that’s possible).

I always knew Prince Harry wasn’t a 0 on the Kinsey scale Sunday, Feb 13 2011 

Oh, Harry.

Never change, I ♥ you too much.

Disclaimer: Actually, I really don’t care. For all that we know, Prince Harry is perfectly straight as far as his sexual conquests go. There’s plenty of pictures out there that show him affectionate and schmoozy with his male friends and that’s perfectly fine. And even if he was gay, he’s not the eldest prince, he can – theoretically – do with his life what he wants. Yes, really. While a gay prince would start a shit-storm, it would also boost the gay rights movement, and wouldn’t that be great? If everyone finally had equal rights in all areas?

On a sidenote, yes I could have written about him and Chelsy getting it on again,but everyone else has already done so anyway. And I say good riddance to them, I like Chelsy. She’s sensible, if nothing else. And I also have to congratulate them on their clever ploy (far more elaborate than what I might have thought of Harry, kudos to him).

The ladies who lunch Friday, Feb 11 2011 

We should be so lucky.

Oh well, I know, I said yesterday that I didn’t want to spend so much space on “The Royal Wedding” any longer…and I didn’t think it crucial that The Duchess of Cornwall took out Miss Middleton to lunch the other day, because, well. In the end, they’re going to be related (albeit not by blood) in the near future. And they’re also going to share being princesses of the United Kingdom. So why shouldn’t they, right?

I still don’t think it’s anything much, although if I wanted to be real nasty I’d say Miss Middleton has gotten the inside scoop on the whole “he’ll have mistresses” shebang that went down a couple of months ago already. In the end, that’s what Camilla Parker-Bowels was to the Prince of Wales for several decades and there’s no denying that. Don’t get me wrong, The Duchess is actually someone I quite like.

Anyway, what has prompted me to make a post on this after all is the fact that I only saw the photos that were taken by someone yesterday and I was…uhm. Shocked. I mean, I’ve been saying since I’ve started the blog that Miss Middleton is too thin and that please someone feed her. But this is getting on to be too much. It started with the horrid makeup (it’s getting worse instead of better, of that’s at all possible!) and ends with that waist and those legs. That’s twigs, not limbs. Lord help her, if she drops another stone until the wedding, she’s going to vanish.

Also, I don’t think those are really as ‘full’ breasts as they seem to be. Stuffing, or a corset, maybe. (To her benefit, I do not believe that this is a nip/tuck job…yet.) Still, those are not child bearing hips:

Finally, princess classes Thursday, Feb 10 2011 

Didn’t think I’d be around this quick, eh?

Well, usually I wouldn’t, but this just showed up on the radar. I’ve been largely ignoring “The Royal Wedding” the past few weeks, because ugh. It started making me ill.

Anyway, after much romp and pomp about stuff I really couldn’t care less about (Diana’s gym? Quelle surprise!), finally someone’s seen reason and made the girl get some lessons.

Mentor helps Kate Middleton prepare for Royal life

Thank you, whoever was the genius to think of this! Because, yes I know everyone just assumes Prince William would be the one to teach her, but honestly, do you really think he could? Quite aside from the fact that he hasn’t shown himself to be quite what some people (me included, I have to sadly admit) were thinking him to be, he’s been born into this. It’s much different if you’re born into something, or if you have to learn it, even if you have been with someone for close to a decade.

That is partly due to the fact that people simply don’t learn through sheer osmosis, partly – I guess – due to Miss Middleton simply not being interested in stuff like this prior to now and another large part may be the fact that William might not be interested to ‘bring it home’. Even if he has been a student and a pilot until now, in the end the working royal thing is his job and how many people bring their jobs home willingly.

Anyway, good for everyone involved (including the public). I hope Sir David Manning has an eye for make-up, too, and gives a discreet pointer to please stop with the raccoon eyes. Oh right, I didn’t want to go on and on about it anymore.

ETA: By the by, the Brits bet on anything, right? Most bets placed on a divorce 2020.

Somewhat off-topic…. Thursday, Feb 10 2011 

…but not quite.

While not young, Prince Philip is and will remain one of my favourite royals out there, so I’m making an exception for him.

Prince Philip is turning 90 this year and there was an article in The Telegraph today, about – and I quote – ‘bits beginning to drop off ancient frame’.

The man might be uncouth at times, but imho and slips aside he’s done a remarkable job over the past almost 60 years.

Also…hi guys, sorry about being somewhat radio silent here, but I’m kind of busy-ish at the moment (lucky us YHR isn’t a news blog, eh? yeah, thought so.)

New government in Jordan Tuesday, Feb 1 2011 

In light of the recent events in Tunis and Egypt (or at least it is speculated that it is in light of such), King Abdullah II for Jordan has removed his Prime Minister Samir Rifai and replaced him with his former military advisor Major General Dr. Marouf Suleiman al-Bakhit, who served as Prime Minister of Jordan before from 2005-2007.

He also was ambassador to Israel.

He has a bachelor’s degree in general management, master’s in management and PhD in war studies.

Whether this is a good move or not will be shown in time, but I don’t think it is strictly speaking a bad pre-emptive move and al-Bakhit comes across as a stable guy (from the mere info obtainable from wikipedia at least).

Let’s hope this was the right foresight and the trouble won’t reach Jordan as well. The country is a stabilizing element in the region and we need more of those, not less.