Didn’t think I’d be around this quick, eh?

Well, usually I wouldn’t, but this just showed up on the radar. I’ve been largely ignoring “The Royal Wedding” the past few weeks, because ugh. It started making me ill.

Anyway, after much romp and pomp about stuff I really couldn’t care less about (Diana’s gym? Quelle surprise!), finally someone’s seen reason and made the girl get some lessons.

Mentor helps Kate Middleton prepare for Royal life

Thank you, whoever was the genius to think of this! Because, yes I know everyone just assumes Prince William would be the one to teach her, but honestly, do you really think he could? Quite aside from the fact that he hasn’t shown himself to be quite what some people (me included, I have to sadly admit) were thinking him to be, he’s been born into this. It’s much different if you’re born into something, or if you have to learn it, even if you have been with someone for close to a decade.

That is partly due to the fact that people simply don’t learn through sheer osmosis, partly – I guess – due to Miss Middleton simply not being interested in stuff like this prior to now and another large part may be the fact that William might not be interested to ‘bring it home’. Even if he has been a student and a pilot until now, in the end the working royal thing is his job and how many people bring their jobs home willingly.

Anyway, good for everyone involved (including the public). I hope Sir David Manning has an eye for make-up, too, and gives a discreet pointer to please stop with the raccoon eyes. Oh right, I didn’t want to go on and on about it anymore.

ETA: By the by, the Brits bet on anything, right? Most bets placed on a divorce 2020.