We should be so lucky.

Oh well, I know, I said yesterday that I didn’t want to spend so much space on “The Royal Wedding” any longer…and I didn’t think it crucial that The Duchess of Cornwall took out Miss Middleton to lunch the other day, because, well. In the end, they’re going to be related (albeit not by blood) in the near future. And they’re also going to share being princesses of the United Kingdom. So why shouldn’t they, right?

I still don’t think it’s anything much, although if I wanted to be real nasty I’d say Miss Middleton has gotten the inside scoop on the whole “he’ll have mistresses” shebang that went down a couple of months ago already. In the end, that’s what Camilla Parker-Bowels was to the Prince of Wales for several decades and there’s no denying that. Don’t get me wrong, The Duchess is actually someone I quite like.

Anyway, what has prompted me to make a post on this after all is the fact that I only saw the photos that were taken by someone yesterday and I was…uhm. Shocked. I mean, I’ve been saying since I’ve started the blog that Miss Middleton is too thin and that please someone feed her. But this is getting on to be too much. It started with the horrid makeup (it’s getting worse instead of better, of that’s at all possible!) and ends with that waist and those legs. That’s twigs, not limbs. Lord help her, if she drops another stone until the wedding, she’s going to vanish.

Also, I don’t think those are really as ‘full’ breasts as they seem to be. Stuffing, or a corset, maybe. (To her benefit, I do not believe that this is a nip/tuck job…yet.) Still, those are not child bearing hips: