Oh, Harry.

Never change, I ♥ you too much.

Disclaimer: Actually, I really don’t care. For all that we know, Prince Harry is perfectly straight as far as his sexual conquests go. There’s plenty of pictures out there that show him affectionate and schmoozy with his male friends and that’s perfectly fine. And even if he was gay, he’s not the eldest prince, he can – theoretically – do with his life what he wants. Yes, really. While a gay prince would start a shit-storm, it would also boost the gay rights movement, and wouldn’t that be great? If everyone finally had equal rights in all areas?

On a sidenote, yes I could have written about him and Chelsy getting it on again,but everyone else has already done so anyway. And I say good riddance to them, I like Chelsy. She’s sensible, if nothing else. And I also have to congratulate them on their clever ploy (far more elaborate than what I might have thought of Harry, kudos to him).