I’m not going to go as far as saying I’m impressed (mostly because I’m not), but she did put her hair up (or well, back at least). Kinda. Also, she actually…well….’worked’. If you can call that working, but I digress.

Still with the make-up, the weight (waist, legs, come on someone make the girl eat), and I’m neither enamoured with the fascinator nor the shoes (she should have worn her old boots here, would have been much better, because ugh, shooties). Also, the coat is rather boring, Camilla could wear that and get away with it.

Generally, I’d have said an engagement Angelsey is a good idea, because they live there anyway, and for a first engagement in her new role, or what’s going to be her new role, it’s perfect. And there’s quite a crowd there. On the other hand, yeah I’m not happy with the outfit. Hair yes, everything else (and the person, but well), no. Also, William, would it have hurt you to wear a uniform? The only reason I like to watch you anymore is you wearing a uniform. Especially the black one.

Also, you do know you’re allowed to touch her now, yes?

Pictures (snagged from the Mail article):