Not quite on hiatus but things are happening in the world and I don’t have quite the levity at the moment to ponder royalty. Sorry. I’m happy though that you guys seem to have quite the fascination with the Detroit Red Wings (who woulda thunk; any true hockey fans among you? I’m willing to even deal with Flyers.)

So anyway, a few tidbits:

Miss Middleton is actually marrying Prince Harry; let’s hope Harry was told?

Also, the first Barbie doll that actually looks like the person (well okay, the doll has a bigger bosom, but I can’t find it in me to fault the creators):


Also, if you needed further proof that something’s up:

Worrisome development.

I much prefer these pictures (click for bigger versions)

During the Six Nations Tournament (Rugby):

I’m impressed Zara, she gets her man liften up…kinda ;-)

And during Six Nations, Mike lifting the Calcutta Cup. She really does look in love, doesn’t she? Why can’t the other couple be like that?

There are a few more things but I guess this is enough for now?

Also, no I won’t be covering either the British or the Monegasque wedding. I may write stuff about Zara and Mike, but I’m not going with the farce and jump on that bandwagon, sorry.

And for what it’s worth, which isn’t much I grant you, my heart goes out to the people of Japan. The media keeps expecting a 35 million people panic that likely won’t be happening. Also, if you really care about what’s going on with the Fukushima Daichi and Daini nuclear plants, please don’t check the common media outlets, the reading they are putting out are largely misleading at the moment. To give you an example, this is a pdf with the radiation monitoring of Ibaraki prefecture, which lies north of Tokio. Also, for you guys in America Europe: Swallowing iodine tablets that were not dispensed to you will give you thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid) sooner than help you against radiation that won’t reach you anyway, please head this warning. Thyroiditis is painful and can cause permanent damage to your thyroid and thereby to your metabolism.

Emperor Akihito has addressed the people by now. It’s funny how the media correspondent here are surprised at how much of an effect he’s had on the people. As if everyone considered their royalty just figureheads, but this is a culture slash same as with the panic above.

Okay, enough ramblings.