Royal jelly. Yum. Friday, Apr 15 2011 

It seems I have to postpone my hiatus a couple of hours, because this came just in my mailbox:

As the United Kingdom prepares for the wedding of its future king – along with the celebrations around the extra public holiday that it brings – the marriage of William Mountbatten-Windsor (Homo sapiens) and Catherine Middleton (Homo sapiens) has made a rare appearance in the scientific literature.

In the latest issue of Cell editor Robert Kruger looks at similarities between the royal couple and recent biological developments.

“Although few can relate to William’s particular challenge of searching for a future bride amidst such an overwhelming number of would-be princesses, his problem was reminiscent of a dilemma that confronts transcription factors, which must scan extraordinarily long stretches of DNA to find appropriate targets at which to initiate gene expression,” Kruger notes.

Kruger also touches on the edgy ground of beheading, noting that one previous bearer of the name Queen Catherine met a nasty end with the literal loss of her head. However, he adds, for some species such travails are not fatal. Certain polyps can regenerate head structures after being sliced in half, due to the morphogenic protein Wnt3.

His piece goes on to discuss recent research on the ‘royal jelly’ that bees use to transform some larvae into queens, which reminds the author of Middleton’s rise from the English middle-class to the lofty status of royal. It also explores the biochemical factors underpinning monogamous relationships, which rather suggests the author is unaware of much of the recent literature and discussion on British royal marriages.

I’m not….exactly sure if I’m supposed to roll on the floor shaking with laughter or be worried about where tax money is going, if even science hits up on this. Because…well. No. The royal jelly (isn’t there a L’Oreal shampoo? Gelee royal? Didn’t they say it was the bee queen’s must have, too? I seem to recall tv commercials way back in the day when I used to own a tv). Yes. Indeed. *shudder*


Correction, Harry and a Hiatus Friday, Apr 15 2011 

I added a small correction to the post on the “snub” with the Spanish wedding invitations.

Also, Harry is back from his Arctic trek, looking good.

And I will have to take a small break from my infrequent blogging. I have a lot of stuff happening at the moment and don’t want to flake out on expectations here. I also foresee a lack of internet connection in the near future, which complicates matters further. (Since I didn’t want to cover the wedding anyway it’s no biggie, though).

I’ll be back!

Ongoing trouble for Prince Laurent Sunday, Apr 10 2011 

I’m just going to put these articles here as links, this is as much as an overview for me as it is for you (and somewhere for me to have them all in place). Kudos to Marlene from Royal Musings for collecting them in the first place. If you go to her blog, she has some pretty nice commentary on them as well.

It’s King Vs Prince in Belgium’s Battle Royale

Belgian king angry over son’s Congo trip: palace

Belgium to set ‘strict new rules’ for Prince Laurent, or else he could lose his royal stipend

Belgian PM to lay down law to errant prince

Under fire, Belgian prince agrees to play by the rules

You have yet to learn, young Padawan Saturday, Apr 9 2011 

Inquisition over Prince William’s ‘snub’ to Crown Prince Felipe of Spain

Intentional or not, it’s something that shouldn’t have happened. Even if it was an oversight, should that be the case, someone should have caught this. That is, young William, why you use the resources available to you when tailoring a guest list. People who’ve done this for a couple of decades already usually know which way is up.

Correction: I have since been informed, thank you Marlene, that The Telegraph got it wrong and King Juan Carlos simply passed his invitation on (as he hardly ever attends weddings, we knew that).

Trouble is, and there I remain standing with my criticism, it’s been said that two invitations were sent to each of the royal houses. Now there’s a few cases (Spain, The Netherlands) where we always have a threesome doing these events, the Queen, the heir and the heir’s spouse (in the case of Spain because Juan Carlos doesn’t do these events, in the case of The Netherlands because Queen Beatrix is a widow). It would have been a good idea to consider this from the get-go, especially since the state visit Charles and Camilla conducted to Spain certainly wasn’t a spontaneous outing to visit friends across the channel.

Not quite sure whether to laugh or cry Thursday, Apr 7 2011 

Sorry guys, I’m kinda busy lately (I don’t even get to answer most of my private mails, let alone keep up with things that are happening elsewhere), so blogging has had to take a step back.

But this even I couldn’t pass by:

William and Kate to share marital home with Harry

Yes, you read that right.

And it’s not just that they’re all three going to live in Clarence House, no. They’re to share an apartment. I mean, wtf? Little brother as the best contraceptive device or what?

Never will I understand these Brits.

Well, maybe that point is a moot one anyway, because our dear prince with the devil-may-care attitude is currently stranded in the Arctic.

Hmmmm. And the wedding is only 22 days away. Go Wills, and rescue your little brother (a hint: you could go MIA and take refuge in Argentina, I hear that works quite well; or maybe ask your royal peers for asylum).