Sorry guys, I’m kinda busy lately (I don’t even get to answer most of my private mails, let alone keep up with things that are happening elsewhere), so blogging has had to take a step back.

But this even I couldn’t pass by:

William and Kate to share marital home with Harry

Yes, you read that right.

And it’s not just that they’re all three going to live in Clarence House, no. They’re to share an apartment. I mean, wtf? Little brother as the best contraceptive device or what?

Never will I understand these Brits.

Well, maybe that point is a moot one anyway, because our dear prince with the devil-may-care attitude is currently stranded in the Arctic.

Hmmmm. And the wedding is only 22 days away. Go Wills, and rescue your little brother (a hint: you could go MIA and take refuge in Argentina, I hear that works quite well; or maybe ask your royal peers for asylum).