My lovelies!

Oh dear. What did I miss? Not much, apparently.

(Quick-ish rundown: No, I didn’t watch The Wedding and from what I’ve seen of it, I didn’t miss much either. Sorry to say, unlike everyone else I didn’t like the dress. I was open to liking it! For real! But the lace and the uh…bridal veil that looked like a piece of my grandma’s curtains really didn’t do it for me. And her makeup was too heavy again. *sigh* Most entertaining was Princess Beatrice’s fascinator though, poor girl.)

What I did miss, apparently, was this gem posted below. It seems it’s high time I got twitter and got myself ensconced into the world of hockey dudes on twitter, because this is probably the most hilarious piece of…I don’t even know, because it’s not news even, but maybe the most hilarious piece of dialogue to come out of this whole wedding mess (to be read from the bottom because I have no clue how twitter works):

The man plays for the Phoenix Coyotes on 4th line, for those of you who are hockey-inclined. And while the amount of his lady-friends might be slightly scandalous, he would still be a step up in reputation. Not sure I’m in favour of the match, but the idea? Is too good not to mention here.

No honeymoon period from the press though. I find it quite interesting how the tabloids are digging up the whole sex parties business at the moment, that was 2007 and has been widely publicized before this.

And to give this post at least some reason to truly exist, here’s the confirmation of what I’ve been saying all along:

Kate Middleton can forget private life, says Sir Jackie Stewart

She’s not doing herself any favours with the whole not-working-but-being-a-housewife number. Because a housewife she’s been for the past eight years, it was time she stepped up and pulled her weight. As that’s not going to happen, the press will have her for dinner and ask for seconds.