I know I know, I said I wouldn’t be posting about the minors, because they have their own life and largely aren’t involved in the royal machinery yet, but! This is just too precious.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover, youngest daughter of Princess Caroline, participated in an AMADE charity football match with her older brother Pierre and uncle Albert (though I dunno if Albert actually played, hmm). These football matches take places annually, the princely team against the F1 team (the Grand Prix is this coming weekend and I’ll most likely even be around an internet connect to watch it! yay!), though I’m not 100% sure this is this and not another one. (Yeah complicated blabla, you want pictures, I know.)

(God Pierre, I adore you with that girl, seriously.)

So theoretically I should have titled this post Cutest not-a-princess ever!, because while Alexandra very definitely is a princess, she’s not because she’s in line to the throne of Monaco (which she is after her mother, brothers and older sister), but because she’s the daughter of the current Prince of Hanover (and all the titles that are attached to that) and also in line for the British throne. Like her siblings, Alexandra probably wouldn’t have received a princess title, if she’d not been born to the Prince and Princess of Hanover. The bestowing worked somewhat more automatic with them than with her siblings, because her father actually holds the title (she’s the daughter of a prince who also is a duke, hence she is a princess, her siblings are the children of a princess and a commoner, which means no automatic passing down of titles, this is the rat-assed, non-detailed, very very quick run-down explanation, not one relying on dynastics, if you want to bitch keep this in mind, ahem). That is why she asn’t Princess Alexandra of Monaco, but Princess Alexandra of Hanover.

We’ve seen Pierre quite often at these matches, I have pictures of him (and even Andrea) participating during different years. It’s for dun and charity, who could decline? But as far as I know, it’s the first time his youngest sister did as well, and after her figure skating exploits this winter, I guess we’re in for more try-outs these coming years. It’s great.

Alexandra and Pierre seem to be closest, which doesn’t surprise me. Pierre, with all his eccentricities, is destined to be….like that, if you get my meaning. Lovely.

Speaking of Pierre, we’ve seen him recently at an appointment with his uncle and with Princess Caroline, which surprised me a little. Considering Albert still doesn’t have children (although that might change in the coming years, not holding my breath there though, sorry), Caroline and Andrea are in line for the throne first, and we know that Andrea is currently around Monaco somewhere. Why Caroline chose to bring her younger son…

It seems peculiar, especially when we consider that Pierre has started to look in on the business side of things in Monaco, more or less taking up where his late father left off (with the help of his uncle on his father’s side). Interesting, interesting….