Anyone seen the horrid qualifying accident of Perez? He seems okay, my commentators said he had only headaches. Amazoing, how padded these cars are these days. I’ve watched exactly two Grand Prix races the last ten or so years and those were in Monaco.

Anyway, after Pierre and Alexandra at football (and I have two more pictures of that, so cute), it seems Andrea made his way to Monaco as well. I knew he’d been there and done some boating, but as things stand, he’s also staying for the race. Anyway, he let his brother rope him into a promotional stunt for Pierre’s business, Monacair. And had fun, as it seems (if you consider jumping out of helicopters fun, I guess. *g*)

(The guy next to Andrea, he could totally be Carl Philip, couldn’t he? Fascinating. *g*)

And the two football pictures. I may sound like a perv, but damn, Pierre is looking good.

Also, I have to say, Andrea is looking good as well. Not sure what I’m thinking about his hair growing out again (most like him fuzzy, I thought the buzz cut was pretty interesting and looked fine), but he’s kept his weight and has a good complexion. Look at both boys chins, that’s very Casiraghi, both of them look like their father more and more, it’s scary.

Officially this was the “Peace & Sport” – Operation Poseidon, by the way and was attended by Prince Albert II as well.

We’ll see how much they party tonight and if they show up frazzy like last year or groomed to perfection (yeah, right). Looking forward to catching glimpses during the race.