The idea for “Young, Hot and Royal” was born during a discussion between my friend Lara and me that spawned a bout of storytelling (link removed, contact me for details on that). What started out as a closer look at British and Swedish princes quickly spread out to their families, inspiring a series of entries in my private LJ (which by now have been transferred here).

As YHR grew in proportion, so did the research I did on the matter and as I kept reading, my opinions kept forming; inpsiring yet more of my ‘princely articles’.

There’s many a royal blog on the internet, but contrary to others “Young, Hot and Royal” is not a news blog. I may post some news but omit plenty of others as I’m not hunting them down. Instead, I will rather state my opinions on whatever is taking my fancy at the time. I will, however – to honour the blog title – mostly focus on the generation crown princely couples (and younger), rather than the ruling generation of monarchs.

I need to stress that I have no claim on complete comprehensiveness and that I will withhold information I deem too private or sensitive to discuss. Royals are people, too, not playthings, not characters in a book or movie, no actors who have chosen their profession. Royals, usually, have been born into a corset of rules and obligations and especially the heirs to crowns don’t have much choice but to act their part. I therefore discourage exaggerated zeal towards them.

Last but not least: this is an opinionated blog. I’m willing to discuss anything and everything, but if you feel like flaming or trolling, go elsewhere. It also means: If you want fangirling just because everyone else is fangirling about something, go elsewhere because I might just not do it.

Have fun, read, comment when you feel like it ;-).