Bathing fun with the Casiraghi brothers Saturday, May 28 2011 

Anyone seen the horrid qualifying accident of Perez? He seems okay, my commentators said he had only headaches. Amazoing, how padded these cars are these days. I’ve watched exactly two Grand Prix races the last ten or so years and those were in Monaco.

Anyway, after Pierre and Alexandra at football (and I have two more pictures of that, so cute), it seems Andrea made his way to Monaco as well. I knew he’d been there and done some boating, but as things stand, he’s also staying for the race. Anyway, he let his brother rope him into a promotional stunt for Pierre’s business, Monacair. And had fun, as it seems (if you consider jumping out of helicopters fun, I guess. *g*)

(The guy next to Andrea, he could totally be Carl Philip, couldn’t he? Fascinating. *g*)

And the two football pictures. I may sound like a perv, but damn, Pierre is looking good.

Also, I have to say, Andrea is looking good as well. Not sure what I’m thinking about his hair growing out again (most like him fuzzy, I thought the buzz cut was pretty interesting and looked fine), but he’s kept his weight and has a good complexion. Look at both boys chins, that’s very Casiraghi, both of them look like their father more and more, it’s scary.

Officially this was the “Peace & Sport” – Operation Poseidon, by the way and was attended by Prince Albert II as well.

We’ll see how much they party tonight and if they show up frazzy like last year or groomed to perfection (yeah, right). Looking forward to catching glimpses during the race.


Cutest football-princess ever! Wednesday, May 25 2011 

I know I know, I said I wouldn’t be posting about the minors, because they have their own life and largely aren’t involved in the royal machinery yet, but! This is just too precious.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover, youngest daughter of Princess Caroline, participated in an AMADE charity football match with her older brother Pierre and uncle Albert (though I dunno if Albert actually played, hmm). These football matches take places annually, the princely team against the F1 team (the Grand Prix is this coming weekend and I’ll most likely even be around an internet connect to watch it! yay!), though I’m not 100% sure this is this and not another one. (Yeah complicated blabla, you want pictures, I know.)

(God Pierre, I adore you with that girl, seriously.)

So theoretically I should have titled this post Cutest not-a-princess ever!, because while Alexandra very definitely is a princess, she’s not because she’s in line to the throne of Monaco (which she is after her mother, brothers and older sister), but because she’s the daughter of the current Prince of Hanover (and all the titles that are attached to that) and also in line for the British throne. Like her siblings, Alexandra probably wouldn’t have received a princess title, if she’d not been born to the Prince and Princess of Hanover. The bestowing worked somewhat more automatic with them than with her siblings, because her father actually holds the title (she’s the daughter of a prince who also is a duke, hence she is a princess, her siblings are the children of a princess and a commoner, which means no automatic passing down of titles, this is the rat-assed, non-detailed, very very quick run-down explanation, not one relying on dynastics, if you want to bitch keep this in mind, ahem). That is why she asn’t Princess Alexandra of Monaco, but Princess Alexandra of Hanover.

We’ve seen Pierre quite often at these matches, I have pictures of him (and even Andrea) participating during different years. It’s for dun and charity, who could decline? But as far as I know, it’s the first time his youngest sister did as well, and after her figure skating exploits this winter, I guess we’re in for more try-outs these coming years. It’s great.

Alexandra and Pierre seem to be closest, which doesn’t surprise me. Pierre, with all his eccentricities, is destined to be….like that, if you get my meaning. Lovely.

Speaking of Pierre, we’ve seen him recently at an appointment with his uncle and with Princess Caroline, which surprised me a little. Considering Albert still doesn’t have children (although that might change in the coming years, not holding my breath there though, sorry), Caroline and Andrea are in line for the throne first, and we know that Andrea is currently around Monaco somewhere. Why Caroline chose to bring her younger son…

It seems peculiar, especially when we consider that Pierre has started to look in on the business side of things in Monaco, more or less taking up where his late father left off (with the help of his uncle on his father’s side). Interesting, interesting….

MOnaco Town Sunday, Mar 20 2011 

As I posted earlier, the theme of this year’s Monaco Rose Ball was “MoTown” (hence the Detroit roster ;)).

The ball this year was overshadows by the death of Princess Antoinette, the sister of the late Prince Rainier III. She lived to be 90 and died last Thursday. She will be interred on Thursday, March 24th in the Peace Chapel of Monaco’s Cathedral. Princess Antoinette, Baroness de Massy schemed against her brother in the past, trying to put her son on the throne. Wounds have, of not mended, scapped over since and Antoinette has been seen in the presence of Albert quite often.

Due to this event, Princess Caroline and Prince Albert cancelled their attendance at the ball, leaving the Casiraghi trio to manage things.

Very occasion-appropriate dress, Charlotte, I approve. Somber yet glamorous.

Andrea gave a speech, after which the Casiraghis left again. Everything seemed very well prepared (Caroline outdid herself once more there) and the three played their role very well.

Lovely, aren’t they?

In this picture, among others, Margherita Missoni, Beatrice Borromeo, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Eugenie Niarchos, Vera Santo Domingo.

More nobility was out and about, Charles and Camilla of Bourbon-Sicily among them:

Alex And Tatiana stayed beyond the speeches but that seems fine, yes? Presentation and all that

Beatrice wore cat for the occasion

Speaking of Beatrice, her half-sister recently got engaged to Prince Antonius zu Fürstenberg, which is an interesting match indeed.

For more pictures go to the Zimbio album.

Monaco Rose Ball 2011 Saturday, Mar 5 2011 

The annual Monaco Rose ball will run under the theme of “Detroit * Motor Town” this year.

Wonder if any of these guys will get an invitation? ;)
(Well, not really, but I do love me a well built guy in a suit.)

What’s red, white, green? Friday, Jan 14 2011 



Okay, I’ll tell you: Andrea Casiraghi’s newest streetwear. [Edit: On closer look in the light of day, I think teh shirt’s pink.]

So that was low, I admit it.

You all might have heard Princess Caroline’s family an their entourage spent Christmas in Rio, staying/on invitation of Andrea Dellal and Vera Santo Domingo, the mother’s of Charlotte and Andrea’s significant others respectively.

A friend sent me a(n unfortunately LQ) page from a magazine that, by what I can make out from the bold printed text that’s readable just so, has to be recent.

This should clear up all and any speculation on if Andrea is still with Tatiana or not! (Because I get search queries on this quite a lot. Yes, Tatiana has shown up without him most of the time last year, but my impression of that relationship is that Miss Santo Domingo is rather self-sufficient and doesn’t need an arm to hang on to, contrary to certain other girls who have hung around royalty the past few yeas.)

Okay, I’m going to say it: Awwwwwwwwwwww.

But seriously, aren’t they a cute couple? Body language and all! I wish we’d gotten pictures like that from William and Miss Middleton in the past few years, no one would say a thing!


Looking at these images though, now I’m not surprised anymore that the queries for a possible pregnancy have skyrocketed in the past week or so.

Okay, guys… I know, she looks pregnant here. But Miss Santo Domingo has a tendency to dress flowing. She’s a tall woman with hips and all. She could probably hide a pregnancy until well into the third trimester without starving herself or the baby. That’s just how she’s built.

Now, no, I’m not saying he has gotten her in the family way. Although the woman isn’t getting younger, she has a few years yet, and there’s just too much insecurity where Andrea’s position is concerned at the moment. No one knows if Andrea will ever sit that throne or not, or what’s to become of him. Miss Santo Domingo strikes me is absolutely stable and sensible and I’m not sure she’d be all that thrilled about becoming Princess of Monaco in the future. While she has the connections that the country would benefit from, I’m not sure she really would want to do that to herself.

And on the other hand, looking at those two right there, I’m not quite sure that Andrea feels enough patriotism and credo – in lack of a better word – to give up his relationship for the position as prince, should it come to that. A lot will depend on what Prince Albert does in the next…two, three years heir-wise. I suppose it would be helpful to both Andrea as well as his girlfriend if they knew what was what at 30 and Miss Santo Domingo is a year older than Andrea.

Well, time will tell.

Time will also tell about a possible pregnancy. Although I have my doubts. Miss Santo Domingo was in New York after the turn of the year to attend a Missoni photo shoot (Leighton Meester was at that one, too). Pictures of that one showed up in the NY Times, among other places, and the press has gone nuts over this one, don’t ask me why. Anyway, there was a picture with (from left to right) her an Olympia Scarry and, of course, Margherita Missoni:

Pregnant? Argumentative, but I do have my doubts. Revealing clothes, yes (goodness, girl, you’re wearing sensible underwear, I may have to build you an altar and worship you), but I don’t think that’s a baby belly.

I’m opening comments for this one, for now. Also, if someone has that magazine page in higher res and/or bigger, I’d be much obliged ;-).

Pierre in Uruguay Tuesday, Jan 4 2011 

Happy New Year everyone!

I am more convinced than ever that the universe is out to get me.

After Princess Caroline and her family spent their Christmas vacation in Rio, Pierre and Beatrice went on to go beach-bumming in Uruguay.

Of all places!

I mean, who goes to Uruguay for surfing and stuff, huh? And when the one half of my heart that has not been pondering royals last year was beset with Uruguayan footballers no less!

Pierre running into Diego would be almost worth it. Unfortunately, Forlán is in Spain, as far as anyone knows. (And granted, Andrea’s hair IS somewhat shorter by now but a casual glance…)

Also. Pierre. Honey. I love you. I do, because you’re fun enough and you don’t care what anyone thinks….most of the time. But do you really have to look like you could be one of the “Dirty Dancing” dance instructors? Because that is giving me interesting thoughts I should probably not have about you. (Whereas, Pierre is on a retro binge anyway, so this is not surprising…and at least not 60’s Mad Men/Ratpack incarnation like last time. Whereas that did have a lot of style. Maybe they should cast him for “White Collar” as Neal’s adversary or something? That could be fun.)

Search Queries CW 33 Sunday, Aug 22 2010 

Aaaand another round.

Need a better structure though so we’ll go by country this time.


What’s it with the interest in the House of Austria-Este? Luisa Maria is still in school, I doubt you’ll find much of her anyway, safe for a few shots with her family. Joachim is just out to school and will either start studying in the fall or be enrolled in the royal military academy of Belgium. Maria Laura is studying and probably currently in Asia. Amedeo is still working for Deloitte in New York City; I don’t know which branch or what his job description is. I don’t really have that kind of stalker tendencies. Laetitzia is too young to make an appearance on this blog, save for shots with her family. Astrid is doing the working royal thing, Lorenz shows up when it’s required and elsewise he’s doing his own thing, he has an actual job (probably not 9 to 5 though).

Lorenz, Amedeo and Maria Laura were given titles as princes/princess of Belgium by royal decree in 1991, while, or shortly before, Astrid was pregnant with Joachim. Until then, they were only archdukes and archduchess, which means Lorenz and Amedeo are theoretically in the succession to the Austro-Hungarian throne (and pretty high up, too will likely go up further due to deaths and some fighting within the family about proper marriages). For Maria Laura the title would have had no consequences, as no one can need an archduchess as bride these days anymore (lucky for her, she can do what she wants). While I have read the decree itself, I can only speculate on the reason for it. Philippe was still unmarried and didn’t look like he would marry any time soon, the succession was running through the male line and that seemed wrong for a modern country… I wouldn’t know. Speculation and more input on this are welcome.

Okay… Dear Amedeo, if you want to send me a message, just do it. I’m not the rabid fangirl type; actually, I probably have less respect for your status and your title than even your colleagues. But please no placing cryptic search queries that aren’t search queries by a long shot. Seriously.


I have absolutely no idea if Prince Joachim and Prince Frederik are on good terms. The fact that Fred told Joachim only at a very recent photo shoot that his wife is pregnant seems to suggest otherweise, but I really couldn’t tell.

Prince Joachim very very likely speaks fluent French. His father is originally French (and his Danish is horrible say the Danish people so I would guess he speaks French with his children) and his wife is French. The assumption that he does speak French is reasonable. As for Fred, I know he does because I’ve seen footage of him and Guillaume chatting about some sports event or other – in French.

It is still being denied that Princess Mary had fertility treatment, but with her advanced age and her somewhat too thin figure, I wouldn’t be surprised. While I don’t think it was ivf or icsi, I suppose she might at least have been on ovulation stimulating drugs.

Uhm as for Mary and her…reputation as a golddigger, well. My opinion? When the young royals were in Sydney for the Olympics, she checked out who was available, first had a little tryst with Nikolaos (I’m not at all sure if this is just rumours of what actually happened but as I’ve heard it from several sides so far, let’s treat it as a fact), before figuring out Fred was the bigger number. As she’s been flaunting ‘her’ money for the past few years, clothes and jewels, and she’s not at all interested in doing any actual work, I suppose it’s safe to say I consider her a gold digger, yes. Being a princess is not all dresses and tiaras, it’s actually pretty damn hard work.


Seems like more people are noticing Prince Philippos now. He’s a bit young for me (currently, give it ten years and he’ll be perfectly acceptable *g*), but I can already see he’s gonna be hunky. No idea on the girlfriend bit, sorry. As for photos, hope for the wedding. With any luck, we’ll get a few good shots of him and Theodora both.


I’d ask who Princess Catherine is, but I would only do that because I’m too lazy to get the family tree out now. As she’s not of the current generation, she must be historical, or potentially nonexistent. Either way, I have nothing on her.

Still no girlfriend for HGD Guillaume, nor is it known of he’s gay or bi or straight. We he could be gay, he has enough brothers left to take care of succession issues at the very least ^^; (yeah I’m pragmatic, sue me :-P). He’s not engaged though, that much I’m sure of (at least not officially, what he does in private, who knows).

Okay so by “Crown prince Guillaume bathing” I hope you mean swimming in the sea, and not in the bathtub with a small yellow plastic duck. Seriously, that would be wrong. Anyway, there are pictures of Guillaume swimming trunks and playing volleyball in the sea from a couple of years ago, I don’t have them though (and I’m not going hunting for them). So I assure you can can relax…which doesn’t mean he gets to it often. Félix and Henri at one those pictures too, btw. If you find them shoot me a line ;-).


I’m serious: Charlotte Casiraghi is not pregnant. Gosh, if Charlotte’s had known what she’s doing she might not have shown up with that baby bump at the shower. Neither is Tatiana Santo Domingo, btw.

Andrea has made himself somewhat rare the past few weeks, but he’s still in Paris, doing his internship at the embassy of Qatar. So I suppose there’s no reason to show up, at the moment he should see to get his training finished so they can use him, sooner rather than later.

People, when you google for “prince of monaco naked” I do hope you mean the Casiraghi brothers and not Albert.

Which brings us to something that also was a query and thank you for that: Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre do not hold princely titles. They are descended from the Grimaldi dynasty through their mother, and the title of prince and princess was, at the time of their births, only hereditary by the male line, rather than the female. Prince Rainier could have given them princely titles, but all sources agree that Caroline didn’t want that. for good reason, too, because growing up a prince or princess puts way too many obstacles in your way, especially in a small country like Monaco. Further, they would have been members of the princely family of Monaco (which they are currently not, no matter if Andrea is heir to Caroline or not), which might have brought complication in terms of later inheritance from their father. Caroline and Stefano must have agreed on this pretty early on. As for Alexandra, she is a princess, but she’s a royal highness, rather than a serene highness, and she got the title from her father, rather than her mother. Prince Ernst August of Hanover is a royal highness as the heir to the duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Now, dynastically speaking (I know, annoying, blabla), the Monegasques should put Alexandra on the throne and let the line run through her, in another generation or two the houses won’t care that much that they were originally only princes. Won’t happen, but could be interesting.

As for Andrea’s status as heir to his mother, should it come to pass that he will be Prince of Monaco, he will adopt the name Grimaldi and be made that. Easy as that, really. Has lots to do with constitution and house law.


Someone else has noticed, I’m delighted! Yes, Carl Philip has put on a lot of muscle since spring. Not so much that it would be unnatural, but enough to make a difference. He looked pretty bad back in April, enough that I was a bit worried about his health, but since then he’s on a steady increase. I first really noticed a couple of weeks ago, when King Carl Gustaf was at the races with Per Gessle. CP had his arms over the rails in one picture and I was a bit woah. Good though, suits him well.

I refuse to talk about Sofia again, I think I’ve everything that needed to be said on Wednesday.

General stuff / Undefinable

Royals who wear sashes over their chest wear orders. When abroad, a royal will either wear the highest order of his own country that he had been presented with (by the sovereign) or the highest order of the country he is visited, that he has been presented with (by the sovereign). HGD Guillaume was wearing a Luxembourgian order at Princess Victoria’s wedding, while his father was wearing a Swedish one.
Orders are usually presented at state’s visits or the like (or upon marriage, see Prince Daniel) and consist usually of two parts: The sash and attached batch and a star to be pinned to the chest. When someone possess more than one order, they wear the sash of the highest one of the country of origin or the visited country (depending on what they have) and only the stars of the others. How the sash is worn (left to right or right to left) and where the star is pinned (most often left chest) depends on the specifications of the order.
Not only royals can have orders, but usually foreign politicians visiting are presented with the, too. Not only monarchies do have orders but most republics do, as well.

Fred and Princess Victoria are not only cousins but you can be sure that they have a sibling-relationship to each other. Vikkan has a younger brother in Carl Philip, but you can be sure she has older brothers in Frederik, Haakon and Willem-Alexander at the very least. Hurt her and you have three crown princes on your doorstep wanting to beat you within an inch of your life (that said, Daniel is a very very brave man).

And uh…jacobite leather waistcoat? Anyone want to enlighten me? (I’ve talked about Sophia’s theoretical Jacobite claim to the throne of Britain, but where does the waist coat come from? Several times, too Oo)

Search Queries CW 32 Wednesday, Aug 18 2010 

No internet over the weekend and thesis stress makes for belated queries post. This is just the stuff from last week (and it’ll be enough already, believe me).

Nominally, it’s Hereditary Grand Duke, not “Crown Prince” or “Hereditary Crown prince”, mostly a matter of semantics and tradition and language. Though admittedly, the sound of it in German is somewhat different and easily jumbled with the Austrian archdukes (“erb” vs. “erz”). Certainly makes for entertaining miscommunication.

Generally speaking you’re right, of course, Guillaume also is a prince, since children of dukes are always princes and princesses, that’s the nature of the whole thing. Which is why so many members of the British royal family are princes and princesses while some with the same pedigree aren’t. Example: Princess Beatrice of York is the daughter of the Duke of York, Prince Andrew. Zara Philipps is the daughter of Princess Anne, but Anne’s first husband declined the dukedom Queen Elizabeth II offered him, hence Zara is no princess. She could still get the title via letters patent, but I don’t think she wants it. More trouble than it’s worth. Same for Prince Edward’s children, btw, Edward declined the dukedom, so his children are ‘only’ Ladies and Viscounts. That said, A prince or a princess do not get a “His/Her Royal/Serene/whatever Highness” attached to their name, that depends very much on the family and dynastic complications.

Ruth, Countess of Rosenborg, was the wife of Prince Flemming, later Count Flemming Valdemar of Rosenborg. Prince Flemming married 1949 morganatically (i.e. beneath his own standing, as Ruth Nielsen was a commoner), and renounced his rights to the Danish throne. Hence, the Counts of Rosenborg are the morganatic line of the Danish royal family, simply speaking. Countess Ruth died on July 25th of this year.

Okay, whatever do you mean with princess maxima eating food? As Máxima is alive and kicking (potentially kicking ass, too), I suppose she eats, more or less regularly depending on her schedule.

As I said before, I have my doubts that Madeleine and Guillaume will become a couple. It would be quite interesting, but I think the Swedes would get into a bit of manpower trouble. These days, Madde at least works with Childhood, if she ceased to be a part of the Swedish royal family, there would be one less person to do work. And considering Vikkan will hopefully be pregnant soon and have a decreased workload…oops. Otherwise, I admit that would be an interesting match. With the only problem that she’d have Guillaume for breakfast but…I suppose they’d have an interesting sex life, at least.

As the court has not released anything, I have my doubts that Princess Máxima is pregnant. They have three adorable girls, she’s almost 40, I seriously doubt they’ll have another round of kids. Then again, everyone thought Mary and Frederik were done, so I really can’t say. She didn’t strike me as pregnant the last time I saw pictures of her, though. (We wouldn’t know before the third trimester is over anyway, no one in their right mind would announce that.)
In that vein, no Tatiana still isn’t pregnant to the best of my knowledge.

Princess Sophie I take it the one from Liechtenstein? At which wedding, Victoria’s? I know nothing about Sophie’s own wedding to Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, sorry, not the time when I was interested in royalty. Sophie herself is the heiress (at least would be heiress if they didn’t operate under Salic law) of the family of Wittelsbach. She is the heiress to the Jacobite claim to the throne of Britain, i.e. if the Brits didn’t have the Act of Settlement, and everyone would still have married the people they did despite that, Sophie would now be Queen of Britain. Anyway, at Vikkan’s wedding her dinner date was Crown prince Philippe of Belgium and she had a good time chatting with Guillaume and Mette-Marit.

As Queen Anne-Marie is Prince Frederik’s aunt, and all her children did so, yes she attended that wedding six years ago. I don’t currently have pictures of that but I think Ella over at the Hattery did a wedding bash on that, you can probably head over and look for it.

Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg is the youngest son of Grand Duke Henri and María-Teresa, youngest brother of Guillaume. He’s barely of age, he’s not doing royal duties yet, except showing up at family weddings and the National Day celebrations.

As for Princess Mary’s pregnancy, rumours are high it was fertility treatment, especially as the court right out denied it, but I can’t be sure either way. If you ask me, yes she took ovulation stimulating drugs. Do I have proof? No. Would it be good if she said so? Hell yes, women having trouble to conceive can use all the support they can get.

The topic Sofia Hellqvist. Now, I won’t say I’m sick of it, but this is really getting out of hand, people. Two scenarios:

1) She’s actually Carl Philip’s girlfriend. Well, good for her. If she is, she’s acting exactly right, she’s not making public appearances that are in any way untoward, and that’s what I expect of a royal gf. She also isn’t flaunting her relationship, I suppose she’s as sick of the press as anyone in her position sensibly should be. And good for him as well, because he’s looking so much better these days than he still did in spring, and if that’s the effect she has on him, by all means, CP, keep her. Problem is, I don’t know if even the progressive Swedes will accept a princess (even if she’s not the crown princess) who has nude pictures out in public. Can’t tell, but I doubt it. CP could, of course, give up his place in the succession, as so many princes of Sweden before him have done, but then the Swedes are in serious trouble about their workload and I suppose CP has too much family sense to do so.

2) She’s a ruse, a beard or a rebound. In the latter case, good for both of them, as he’s getting laid and no one hassles him about finally getting a new gf (and probably won’t in the future, looking at the press echo), and she’s getting publicity for her future career (and gets laid by a prince, I mean, hello? CP of all people, who would kick that man out of bed for eating crackers? uh…I digress). If she’s a ruse or a beard, well, I suppose they both get something out of it, so why not?

Either way, for the moment everyone will have to deal with her.
Oh, and I know there was an article in a Danish tabloid about him saying to a friend he was very much in love with her *sigh*. It’s the same as all the ‘sources close to the prince’ that the British tabloids are digging up all the time, they’re not worth anything. The friendships of the Swedes are pretty close-knit and no one would go out and blab any such crap to the papers.

That said, yes I know the pictures from the kart race. But I also have to say it’s the very first picture in which CP makes any kind of gentle move toward her, so far any pictures together, they even sat on different couches while having drinks. So uh…not sure *shrug*.

Still not posting her nude pictures.

Austrian princess, which one? For one, if you mean the Habsburgs: they’re not princes and princesses, they’re archdukes. It seems petty, but believe me, it’s not. Titles are quite important there. If you mean someone else: There’s a few noble houses on Austria left, although they’re only princesses by dynastic decree anymore, not even by name. Austria has officially purged any royalty from its society, funnily enough though, Austrians are the most monarchistical people without a monarchy out there.

Princess Mary + prince’s girlfriend? You know more than me there, care to enlighten me? *g*

Hm. What still surprises me is the vast interest in the Belgian royals who are not the crown princely family. What’s this about, is someone researching the Austria-Este family? Because that’s currently how it looks. Maybe it’s time to get a post about current Habsburg-controversies out there, it would fit nicely with the dynastic approach here. Anyone want to tell me what Lorenz did that’s suddenly so interesting?

And now the usual rundown:
Prince Félix of Luxembourg is not gay (wouldn’t know about bisexuality), and has a girlfriend, Claire. HGD Guillaume does not have an official gf, there’s no shots of him with men or women that I have seen, so I can’t tell. Also, no idea if he’s gay or bi or straight, although there’s enough people whose gaydar he’s tingling. Yes, Carl Philip has a girlfriend, as we’ve discussed above. No, no pregnancies that are new and fresh beside Mary’s. Uhm… As for naked Casiraghis, please click on the tags ;-). Prince Amedeo is still in NYC to the best of my knowledge, and no idea about a girlfriend. That has to do with dynastics, once more.

Search Queries CW 31 Sunday, Aug 8 2010 

[That’s Calender Week 31, for those wondering.]

So it looks like this will be a weekly or bi-weekly thing to do. Fun ^^.

What surprises me is the sudden increase of interested in the Benelux royalty, especially Luxembourg and Belgium. While I’ve been blogging about the Luxers for a while yet, the last two weeks have seen practically plastered with them. Is it the increase in ‘public’ attention or what? If it were searched in German or French I’d be less surprised, but something seems to be going on I’m unaware of.

Ah well.

But first things first: I will not, never and under no circumstances post the nude pictures of Sofia Hellqvist to the blog. While I don’t know which set of pictures Slitz has bought, I can say that yes, I’ve seen some in which she was completely undressed, as well as bikini pictures that I hadn’t seen so far (and which left little to the imagination). However, these pictures were taken before she took up with Prince Carl Philip (if indeed she did and this is not an elaborate ruse, after all), and I see no reason to publicise them. These were taken before her life took a turn towards maybe-princess and while she can’t wipe them off any and all hard drives, I’ll not aid in getting them out there. She, as well as CP, has a right to that much privacy.

Now, it may seem like hypocrisy, as I’ve posted paparazzi shots of Pierre and Andrea Casiraghi before, and would not stop at doing the same for e.g. Princes Harry, William, Freddles or whoever, but the difference is: they know they’re interesting to the public at the time the pictures are taken, there is no reason they could not stay dressed or go below deck / inside for changing clothes. Miss Hellqvist could not know she would be quite interesting in this way to the public one day, at the time those pictures were taken, and she has taken every precaution to make herself scarce after things took up between her and CP.

Sorry, there’s definite limits to what I’ll do.

As for how tall Miss Hellqvist is, think optimistic 1,75 m for Carl Philip and go down from there. I’d say 1,50 m, 1,55 m. Very maybe 1,60 m, but doubt it. She’s tiny.

Yep, Prince Félix of Luxembourg has a girlfriend, but no surprise there, really. Her name’s Claire, and if you really need to know more, you’re free to google. There’s places which offer quite comprehensive information, but YHR is not it. The amount of Félix’ public duties is limited, and officially he’s still a student. Neither of them is flaunting their relationship to the public, and there’s no reason to assume any kind of scandal at this point. Could be interesting in the months to come though, especially as he should be finishing up his studies at some point this year. Spares are much more fun than the heirs.

Mh. Not royal but as it shows up anyway and I’m fond enough of him: Yep, Diego Forlán has a girlfriend. Her name’s Zaira Nara and she’s an Argentinian model. They make a cute couple. Rumour is he’s proposed to her, not nothing from the man about that yet, so I can’t tell.

Yep, Pierre Casiraghi smokes, so does his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, his uncle’s fiancée… For the first three, they’ve been doing that for a lot of years already, you can find pictures of Pierre and Andrea smoking from pretty much all years since they’re majors…and probably even a few from before that. Aside from wanting to slap them for it, nothing much I can so.

Princess Madeleine has participated in show jumping competitions under the alias Anna…something. Svensson, I think. She’s not doing that anymore, but she was quite good, I think. These days, I usually have an eye out for her alias and for Charlotte Casiraghi as well as Princess Nathalie (who is a successful dressage competitor) when I catch competitions. Not much luck, yet.

Seriously, people, if I had the address of Prince William’s cottage in North Wales, don’t you think I’d have written a good long letter and ranted at him yet? Or better yet, flown up and given him a piece of my mind in person, could have visited my Welsh friend on the western coast in the same instant. I’m not interested in having the address either, or would any of you want tea with Miss Middleton and make polite conversation? But it can’t be that hard to find out, how many remote cottages in North Wales will have uniformed and armed guards outside of them? You know William’s home base, you know the harbour town closest to the cottage, go digging. Remember though: That’s considered stalking. Want to risk a run-in with the Royalty Protection Department? Think twice.

Is Prince Félix of Luxembourg losing his what? Hair? Virginity? *eg* I hope he’s lost that one a while ago, the man’s 26, after all. And I doubt it about the hair, while he does appear to have a receding hairline, he and HGD Guillaume both have looked like that for years and it’s not growing. Actually, Guillaume had them and the side parting at the age of two already, it was quite adorable. So no worries there.

Princess Madeleine is no longer engaged, I’d thought that had transpired to everyone already. She’s broken up with the lying, cheating scumbag and according to various media outlets, he’s the most hated man in all of Sweden. Hard to do, in a country like Sweden.

Yes, for all I know Prince Amedeo is still working for Deloitte, however as he is not that interesting to the media, no press reports or anything about him recently. Good for him. I also don’t know if he has a girlfriend in New York, but he just might. And good for him he can keep a relationship private, that’s more than a lot of other royals can manage. I really wish him he’s gotten out of the royal circuit for good and can live his life in peace, despite being an Imperial and Royal Highness. I’d rather have him have a peaceful life and see more of them, truth be told.

Also, no idea if Prince Joachim has a girlfriend. As I said, Princess Astrid is sheltering her children, and that’s good.

Yeah, I’ll be covering the wedding of Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, at least in pieces. I still need to see about getting any media outlets. That was easier with Vikkan :-/.

Seriously, Princess Madeleine and HGD Guillaume? While Aftonbladet had a piece on that a while ago and while it would make sense age- and breeding-wise…. Hmmm no. Forcing Madeleine into the corset of rules that is the Catholic Church, I don’t think so. I’m sure they actually do get along, but this is no romance I want to see happing. They’d make a splendid pair and have pretty babies but….no. Besides, she’d have him for breakfast.

As far as I’m aware, there is no history of twins within Crown Princess Mary’s family. While it was stressed that this was a natural conception, I doubt it was without the aid of chemicals. Ovulation inducing drugs and the like. The fact of twins speak for that, as well as Princess Mary’s advanced age and the fact that she’s so…thin.

Okay now, anyone want to tell me what’s up with the sudden interest in the Belgians and Luxers? Because I’ve covered the wedding and nothing since and suddenly this week I get searches for everyone who’s over the age of 18 and unmarried from the Grand Ducal Family and the family of Archduke Lorenz and Princess Astrid? Is anyone looking for a prince or princess of marriageable age? Did something happen that I simply missed? Is it because of the National Days recently (well, not quite so recent for Lux but…)? Not that I mind, but it is a little weird, especially as most of those, including Lorenz and Astrid, are not very media-present, usually.

Appearances and follies Saturday, Aug 7 2010 

Screw it, we’ll talk about Albert after all.

Prince Albert II that is, His Serene Highness The Prince of Monaco.

The media are doing somersaults over this and I have no idea why.

Because it’s Monaco? Are they aware that the Grimaldis are not generally looked benevolently upon by their royal peers? Do they know that this wedding will be a balance act of the royal houses of Europe? Oh right, no one cares. The media’s all about the glamour and the bling.


Fine. A few facts:

Charlene Wittstock, no matter if you want to call her a gold digger or crass or whatever (because for now I don’t about that at all, and I haven’t been reading up on her so I won’t form an opinion on that), is 20 years younger than Albert. Which in and by itself would be acceptable, especially for someone who’s known to be womanizing like Albert. Doesn’t mean I condone it, but hey, whatever he wants to do with his life, that’s fine.

Although someone should talk to him about the usage of condoms, so he doesn’t father children left and right. (No, I don’t believe the two he has acknowledged are the only ones running around.)

In other words, Miss Wittstock will – in all likelyhood and disregarding accidents – survive Albert considerably.

Should those two have children, it is not unlikely that these children will be minors when they father passed away (remember, by the time any child could be born Albert will be 55 years old at the very least, plus another twenty puts him at 75 at the child’s majority and that is not yet taking into consideration the fact that any child of theirs will have to complete some kind of (higher) education). And if that wasn’t traumatic by itself, the first born child (or the first born boy as Monaco practises male preference primogeniture), that child will be Prince (or Princess) of Monaco at the tender age of 18, if they are really unlucky.

Who the fuck would want a monarch of that age? No education, no experience no nothing. I really can’t see why a considerable portion of people (and the media of course) want to see the two of them have children.

And no, that has nothing to do with the fact that I think Andrea Casiraghi would make a good Prince, because while I think he would, I don’t wish it onto him. If he can get away, he should make his escape. Go to South America or something. That said, I wouldn’t even want to see Andrea on that throne yet, and he’s 26 and has completed his education. But he’s lacking a lot of experience, still.

Which is another point: Albert has no head for politics. He doesn’t really care for it, he couldn’t care less about a lot of matters. There’s the humanitarian side, of course, but that’s always only one thing. While Monaco nominally has a government, that government is essentially just the elongated arm of Albert, they execute his wishes. The Prince of Monaco has political weight to throw around, and having someone on the throne now who couldn’t care less is a problem, imagine having someone inexperienced and naive on there for the next, oh I don’t know, fifty to seventy years. Everything that Albert’s father has worked for will go down the drain and Monaco will be what it’s been before: A bare rock with nothing to rely on but gambling.

None of the siblings showed much of a head for politics, Albert was more interested in sports and women, Caroline has three marriage under her belt, of which one ended in the death of her husband, and had three, later four children to raise, and Stephanie suffered psychological trauma when her mother died. Caroline has turned out to still be the most sensible and I have to say, I’m surprised by that.

If you need proof, take a look at Monaco’s financial situation even before the crisis hit. I’ll tell you this much: It’s devastating.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, think of all the things you know about Monaco. Think of all the things you’ve ever heard about Monaco. Now imagine raising children in that madhouse. Imagine how they will have to turn out, without their own fault, too. You want to do that to any child? You want to do that to a future monarch? There’s more reason than a dead husband that made Caroline remove her children from there in the early 1990’s.

Albert is known to rush into decisions, further bolstered by the fact that he only called his jeweller the morning of the engagement announcement for a ring and the poor man had to fly in from his vacation. Just the most recent example.

Actually no, scratch that. The most recent example is the fact that he rescheduled the wedding by a week, because he hadn’t taken into account an IOC meeting he (and Miss Wittstock) ‘had’ to attend the weekend of the actual date. Oops. So much for honeymoon, then.

One more point about children: Miss Wittstock had a boob job, I think about six months ago. If you were planning on children at any point within the next few years, why not get the boob job after? That way you save yourself from at least one surgery.

It’s not that I don’t wish Albert happiness, I’m just sceptical he’ll find it. It feels a lot like he’s just marrying her because he needs to divert attention for one, and for two because he promised he would marry some day and now seems to be as good a time as any. It seems more and more like the wrong motives and these ‘royalty experts’ the media are spewing up are annoying me to no end, as they don’t even have their facts straight on most occasions.

So much for the Albert and his impeding marriage.

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