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No internet over the weekend and thesis stress makes for belated queries post. This is just the stuff from last week (and it’ll be enough already, believe me).

Nominally, it’s Hereditary Grand Duke, not “Crown Prince” or “Hereditary Crown prince”, mostly a matter of semantics and tradition and language. Though admittedly, the sound of it in German is somewhat different and easily jumbled with the Austrian archdukes (“erb” vs. “erz”). Certainly makes for entertaining miscommunication.

Generally speaking you’re right, of course, Guillaume also is a prince, since children of dukes are always princes and princesses, that’s the nature of the whole thing. Which is why so many members of the British royal family are princes and princesses while some with the same pedigree aren’t. Example: Princess Beatrice of York is the daughter of the Duke of York, Prince Andrew. Zara Philipps is the daughter of Princess Anne, but Anne’s first husband declined the dukedom Queen Elizabeth II offered him, hence Zara is no princess. She could still get the title via letters patent, but I don’t think she wants it. More trouble than it’s worth. Same for Prince Edward’s children, btw, Edward declined the dukedom, so his children are ‘only’ Ladies and Viscounts. That said, A prince or a princess do not get a “His/Her Royal/Serene/whatever Highness” attached to their name, that depends very much on the family and dynastic complications.

Ruth, Countess of Rosenborg, was the wife of Prince Flemming, later Count Flemming Valdemar of Rosenborg. Prince Flemming married 1949 morganatically (i.e. beneath his own standing, as Ruth Nielsen was a commoner), and renounced his rights to the Danish throne. Hence, the Counts of Rosenborg are the morganatic line of the Danish royal family, simply speaking. Countess Ruth died on July 25th of this year.

Okay, whatever do you mean with princess maxima eating food? As Máxima is alive and kicking (potentially kicking ass, too), I suppose she eats, more or less regularly depending on her schedule.

As I said before, I have my doubts that Madeleine and Guillaume will become a couple. It would be quite interesting, but I think the Swedes would get into a bit of manpower trouble. These days, Madde at least works with Childhood, if she ceased to be a part of the Swedish royal family, there would be one less person to do work. And considering Vikkan will hopefully be pregnant soon and have a decreased workload…oops. Otherwise, I admit that would be an interesting match. With the only problem that she’d have Guillaume for breakfast but…I suppose they’d have an interesting sex life, at least.

As the court has not released anything, I have my doubts that Princess Máxima is pregnant. They have three adorable girls, she’s almost 40, I seriously doubt they’ll have another round of kids. Then again, everyone thought Mary and Frederik were done, so I really can’t say. She didn’t strike me as pregnant the last time I saw pictures of her, though. (We wouldn’t know before the third trimester is over anyway, no one in their right mind would announce that.)
In that vein, no Tatiana still isn’t pregnant to the best of my knowledge.

Princess Sophie I take it the one from Liechtenstein? At which wedding, Victoria’s? I know nothing about Sophie’s own wedding to Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, sorry, not the time when I was interested in royalty. Sophie herself is the heiress (at least would be heiress if they didn’t operate under Salic law) of the family of Wittelsbach. She is the heiress to the Jacobite claim to the throne of Britain, i.e. if the Brits didn’t have the Act of Settlement, and everyone would still have married the people they did despite that, Sophie would now be Queen of Britain. Anyway, at Vikkan’s wedding her dinner date was Crown prince Philippe of Belgium and she had a good time chatting with Guillaume and Mette-Marit.

As Queen Anne-Marie is Prince Frederik’s aunt, and all her children did so, yes she attended that wedding six years ago. I don’t currently have pictures of that but I think Ella over at the Hattery did a wedding bash on that, you can probably head over and look for it.

Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg is the youngest son of Grand Duke Henri and María-Teresa, youngest brother of Guillaume. He’s barely of age, he’s not doing royal duties yet, except showing up at family weddings and the National Day celebrations.

As for Princess Mary’s pregnancy, rumours are high it was fertility treatment, especially as the court right out denied it, but I can’t be sure either way. If you ask me, yes she took ovulation stimulating drugs. Do I have proof? No. Would it be good if she said so? Hell yes, women having trouble to conceive can use all the support they can get.

The topic Sofia Hellqvist. Now, I won’t say I’m sick of it, but this is really getting out of hand, people. Two scenarios:

1) She’s actually Carl Philip’s girlfriend. Well, good for her. If she is, she’s acting exactly right, she’s not making public appearances that are in any way untoward, and that’s what I expect of a royal gf. She also isn’t flaunting her relationship, I suppose she’s as sick of the press as anyone in her position sensibly should be. And good for him as well, because he’s looking so much better these days than he still did in spring, and if that’s the effect she has on him, by all means, CP, keep her. Problem is, I don’t know if even the progressive Swedes will accept a princess (even if she’s not the crown princess) who has nude pictures out in public. Can’t tell, but I doubt it. CP could, of course, give up his place in the succession, as so many princes of Sweden before him have done, but then the Swedes are in serious trouble about their workload and I suppose CP has too much family sense to do so.

2) She’s a ruse, a beard or a rebound. In the latter case, good for both of them, as he’s getting laid and no one hassles him about finally getting a new gf (and probably won’t in the future, looking at the press echo), and she’s getting publicity for her future career (and gets laid by a prince, I mean, hello? CP of all people, who would kick that man out of bed for eating crackers? uh…I digress). If she’s a ruse or a beard, well, I suppose they both get something out of it, so why not?

Either way, for the moment everyone will have to deal with her.
Oh, and I know there was an article in a Danish tabloid about him saying to a friend he was very much in love with her *sigh*. It’s the same as all the ‘sources close to the prince’ that the British tabloids are digging up all the time, they’re not worth anything. The friendships of the Swedes are pretty close-knit and no one would go out and blab any such crap to the papers.

That said, yes I know the pictures from the kart race. But I also have to say it’s the very first picture in which CP makes any kind of gentle move toward her, so far any pictures together, they even sat on different couches while having drinks. So uh…not sure *shrug*.

Still not posting her nude pictures.

Austrian princess, which one? For one, if you mean the Habsburgs: they’re not princes and princesses, they’re archdukes. It seems petty, but believe me, it’s not. Titles are quite important there. If you mean someone else: There’s a few noble houses on Austria left, although they’re only princesses by dynastic decree anymore, not even by name. Austria has officially purged any royalty from its society, funnily enough though, Austrians are the most monarchistical people without a monarchy out there.

Princess Mary + prince’s girlfriend? You know more than me there, care to enlighten me? *g*

Hm. What still surprises me is the vast interest in the Belgian royals who are not the crown princely family. What’s this about, is someone researching the Austria-Este family? Because that’s currently how it looks. Maybe it’s time to get a post about current Habsburg-controversies out there, it would fit nicely with the dynastic approach here. Anyone want to tell me what Lorenz did that’s suddenly so interesting?

And now the usual rundown:
Prince Félix of Luxembourg is not gay (wouldn’t know about bisexuality), and has a girlfriend, Claire. HGD Guillaume does not have an official gf, there’s no shots of him with men or women that I have seen, so I can’t tell. Also, no idea if he’s gay or bi or straight, although there’s enough people whose gaydar he’s tingling. Yes, Carl Philip has a girlfriend, as we’ve discussed above. No, no pregnancies that are new and fresh beside Mary’s. Uhm… As for naked Casiraghis, please click on the tags ;-). Prince Amedeo is still in NYC to the best of my knowledge, and no idea about a girlfriend. That has to do with dynastics, once more.


Princess Victoria’s wedding – Guillaume and Félix Monday, Jun 21 2010 

Another day, another small batch of royals attending Princess Victoria’s wedding on Saturday (and just when I should be getting my presentation ready, too.)

I talked plenty about Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his brother Prince Félix already, but so far neglected to deliver photographic evidence.

I didn’t see him at all on picture from Thursday, but HGD Guillaume did show up spiff and speck on Friday for the dinner and the gala performance.

He might be wearing his watch on his right wrist (as does Félix), but to the best of my knowledge the HGD is right handed. This is a curiosity about these two. As I mentioned, I did see Félix on the footage, but I haven’t yet seen pictures of him on the carpet to the dinner or the performance.

On Saturday, HGD Guillaume walked to church with HRH The Crown Prince of Yugoslawia Alexander and his wife, Princess Katherine. Interestingly, as I also pointed out already, the German commentators remained quiet about who we were seeing, which pissed me off a bit. I can understand about Alexander and Katherine, but Luxembourg is one of our neighbouring countries, and not quite as unimportant.

(mind the full dress uniform and the beard, I like him much better with the heard)

Why they sent Guillaume with these two though, I have no idea. I’m not aware of any closer-than-normal ties between the Luxembourgians and the former Yugoslawian royal family (of course they are related in some way, but that’s not enough reason!). Also, since they made Prince Félix walk alone to the cathedral.

Poor love. All alone. They could at least have let him walk with his brother.

The thing about Félix is, while he’s certainly versed in how to behave and what to do and what not to do, this is his first major outing outside of Luxembourg. He’s still studying (bioethics, in Rome) and doesn’t have his own duties (yet). I expect after this wedding that is going to change, as he’s the second oldest and the Luxembourgians only have three working royals at the moment. and even as small as the country is, that’s not enough. Grand Duke Henri needs to look after his health and has been delegating most long-distance trips to Guillaume and recent years and Guillaume is simply stretched thin. If he keeps going like he is, he’ll burn out in a matter of years, so I guess bringing Félix in now to help is simply a necessity.

Poor boy also wasn’t recognised at all, they labelled him as Philippos of Greece, as Guillaume, Carl Philip… Pretty much everyone but himself, it was really sad.

On a sidenote, that might be another reason why Guillaume isn’t in a [publicly known] relationship: When is that man supposed to meet someone in the first place? Or date, for that matter. I’ve had a couple of looks at Guillaume’s schedule and I seriously wonder when the man has time to sleep.

I still haven’t found out where Félix was seated during the banquet, but Guillaume found his place at the table of honour between Princess Mette-Marit of Norway and Hereditary Princess Sophia of Liechtenstein.

If both of them weren’t happily married women and mothers of children, I’d say he was flirting *g*. It’s a surprise, actually, how delighted they looked during the whole dinner. Maybe it shouldn’t be, Guillaume met his previous girlfriend (or beard or whatever) at MM’s wedding to Haakon. But it warms my heart to see this, I don’t see Guillaume interacting with his peers often and that’s so so important.

He was, btw, MM’s table date and don’t they make a pretty pair?

It’s only slightly spoiled by the fact that she’s half a head taller than him ;-)

As you can see, both Guillaume as well as Félix are wearing orange sashes and eight-pointed stars on their chest. This is the Ordre du Lion d’Or de la Maison de Nassau, the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau. Interestingly, this order can be used by both branches of the House of Nassau, Nassau-Orange (ruling the country that now are the Netherlands) and Nassau-Weilburg (the Luxembourgian branch). This, of course, has historical reasons I might divulge on later. It is the highest order the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has to bestow on anyone. The badge on the sash as well as the grand star pinned to the chest bear the golden lion of the House of Nassau.

Why they still haven’t given Guillaume the Seraphim (or at least the Polar Star) is a mystery to me, Luxembourg and Sweden have well maintained ties (historically speaking as well as contemporary, the monarchs are visiting one another quite often and there seems to be a good friendship blooming there) and all the heir apparents have the Seraphim already (Freddles, Haakon…) and Guillaume is a bit the odd one out there *sigh*. Well, maybe they’ll do it at the next opportunity (or even did it on Sunday before they left?).

Interesting to know would be who was regent while Henri, Guillaume and Félix were out being royalty? The only true options left in Luxembourg are Sébastien (the youngest brother, barely having reached his majority) and Jean, the former Grand Duke who abdicated in 2000 but still does the occasional bout of regency, I guess.

Princess Victoria’s Wedding -1d Friday, Jun 18 2010 

The pre-wedding celebrations have been going on since yesterday, but yesterday there only was a private dinner with friends of Victoria’s, Daniel’s and Madeleine’s and heirs to the thrones of Europe. (Mette-Marit was wearing a stunning dress while I wasn’t so fond of Mary of Denmark…)

Today was a full program already, there was a semi-private lunch, a dinner and this evening there is a theatre gala performance (watching that one right now, highly entertaining just for the red carpet).

After Carl Philip almost made his sister fall (and almost got her naked in front of all the world to see as well) at Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday, there was another round of long dresses today. He didn’t get another chance though, as Daniel was escorting his fiancée today.

Daniel bringing the train of the dress back in order so she can walk up the steps properly. I’m not that fond of the dress (looks like a flokati rug…), but it’s the gesture that counts, right?

I’ve got to say, she’s trained him really well. Actually, if he pulled through yesterday and today, I don’t think she’d ever have to worry about the fact that he’ll get cold feet.

And Carl Philip, who I may remind you has been born a prince and has been his sisters’ escort for the past 30 years…

Look at where his feet are. (Not that fond of Madde’s dress either, but she can wear it.)

(In his defence, he’s a good younger brother, too, look here:

So as I said, I’m watching the gala performance right now (a concert more than theatre), and I’ve seen some of the red carpet of the previous functions today and some of the dinner.

Prince Félix of Luxembourg is wearing his hair longer again, about as long as two or three years ago, which I think suits him better than the buzz cut he had last time anyone got to see him. He almost nodded off in the middle of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s speech, which was somehwta amusing. He sat at one table with Alexia of Greece and Denmark and Charlene Wittstock (Prince Albert’s girlfriend). He also kept slurping his coffee during the speech *slap*. I guess they seated him together with all the people they didn’t know what to do about.

I didn’t see HGD Guillaume until they seated everyone at the theatre (or I might have seen him on a picture from this noon but I’m not exactly sure) and we already thought he was missing. But never fear, he’s there! Sitting next to Princess Mathilde of Belgium, actually, joking around with her. Which is quite reassuring and lovely, as those two better get along (Philippe too, of course).

That said, I have no idea why the Grand Ducal couple brought Felix as well. Not that I mind! I love seeing Félix but… Well it’s weird. Unless Guillaume decides he’s either not taking the throne or there’s too much work going around for three people, he doesn’t really have a reason to attend official events. Now, of course, Luxembourg is a small country but Henri, MT and Guillaume are pulling quite a lot of work by themselves so that’s entirely possible. Guillaume not succeeding? Unlikely.

The seating at the theatre is quite interesting too, especially if you can watch the icy looks Mary of Denmark (who looks naked, almost) and Letitzia of Spain (who is way hot in red) are shooting back and forth (they’re sitting next to one another), while there’s a merry round with the Crown Princely couple of the Netherlands and Norway as well as Prince Albert (of Monaco) and Charlene Wittstock.

Princess Madeleine has her seat behind her parents, next to King Konstantin II of Greece, who just might be trying to sell Philippos to her (even though he really is too young for her), judging by her amused expression. Prince Carl Philip is next to her, behind Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik.

I don’t know where Grand Duke Henri, María Teresa and Félix ended up but they have to be somewhere.

It seems the King and Queens are all grouped together (well, I haven’t seen Henri but I suppose he has to be around somewhere as well), which is quite nice, considering they all get along pretty well.

Edward and Sophie of Wessex *sigh* I guess they both know they shouldn’t be there (I’ve seen Harry and William at the England game btw, as I’m currently splitting my attention between football, the gala performance and this post *g*), and they’re looking not too happy to be stuck where they are. I wish there would have been some other arrangement, as pretty much everyone else is there. The only ones truly missing are some of the Islamic countries, I’d have loved to see Mohammed and Lalla Salma here but well, gotta take Abdullah and Ranie, they’re there.

As is Naruhito of Japan, who is looking somewhat lost at times but gets adopted in turn by the other royal couples, which is quite adorable (especially as Naruhito is about a head smaller than even most of the ladies in attendance…maybe they could put him next to Carl Philip sometime, he’s bound to feel tall at least XD).

Oh they just tried to sell Frederik of Denmark to Vikkan last minute *g*. And Mary is Not Amused. Even lass so as she was called a didgeridoo in front of the whole audience.

Life is good, my dears.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the wedding on Swedish and German tv and well as watching footie. I already have my media centre set up for that ^^ Look forward to it.

The Wasp Nest Tuesday, May 25 2010 

As it has come up again, it was mentioned in YHR and it has even made it into the (Luxembourgian) tabloids, it’s probably time we talked about HRH The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg a little. Currently, this is a bit of a wasp nest, because emotions are naturally high where these things are concerned.

But first a few preliminaries.

Luxembourg is the last Grand Duchy in existence not only nominally but actually (the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg exists only nominally anymore as it is a part of Germany, even though there still is a Grand Ducal Family of Oldenburg bearing the titles as parts of their name) and by historical evidence closely related to both Belgium and the Netherlands (the Benelux doesn’t stem from close proximity only, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for example are both ruled by the House of Nassau, although different branches of it, and Grand Duke Henri is the nephew of King Albert II of Belgium). As such, it is…special. Luxembourg is a tiny country but they do have a small military at their disposal (about 500 men and women) and even deployed soldiers for ISAF.

The Grand Ducal Family consist currently of The Grand Duke Henri, his wife María Teresa and their five children Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume (1981), Prince Félix (1984), Prince Louis (1986) (and his wife Princess Tessy and their two sons; Louis lost his claim to the throne when he morganatically married Tessy and yep, that’s another story entirely), Princess Alexandra (1991) and Prince Sébastien (1992).

But we want to talk about Guillaume, no?

(These images were taken in 2009 and 2010 respectively, yes he looks a lot younger without the beard. I wonder if he took his cue from Haakon?)

HGD Guillaume is probably one of the most scandal-free princes in Europe to the point where people hardly know he exists (at least outside of Luxembourg). At least I didn’t know he existed until I stumbled over him when doing YHR research. That website speculated already if Guillaume might not be gay, because despite his almost 30 years he’s only had one serious relationship with one Pia Haraldsen, a relative of the Queen of Norway he met during birthday celebrations. I didn’t pay it much mind until a while ago when I got curious and used my google fu.

They officially dated for 1.5 years during 2001 and 2002. I might add that Guillaume has not been seen smoking before and not since. And I’m saying this with all caution but… Miss Haraldsen kicked off her career after this relationship ended, she’s a very well known TV person these days; thus both of them have benefited from this relationship in certain ways and… It’s suspicious. To say the least. This also is the only picture that exists of them together and if I had a relationship with every guy I walk around with like that, let’s say I’d have to keep a harem.

It is interesting that the gay rumours seem to appear more or less periodically at least once a year or so and this time the Luxembourgian tabloids have picked up on it, too (railing about rumours flying in the internet and omg *g*). Maybe I’m not the best person to judge because I’m definitely biased but ah, dear Guillaume if anyone asked me I’d have picked you as gay in a heartbeat.

Part of the trouble is: It’s getting to be time for Guillaume. At almost 30, he’s in a similar position as Prince William and Prince Carl Philip with the added difficulty that he is definitely next in line to the throne (whereas William is definitely going to inherit but his father still acts as his buffer) and I imagine Henri will want to abdicate at some point in 20 years or so, but he can’t quite do that until Guillaume doesn’t have children who have reached the age of majority. His current heir is Félix, who probably is definitely hoping for his brother to get married and start producing his own children, because it will take him out of the running. And I supposed the Grand Ducal Couple is hoping for that as well, as one of their sons already took himself out of the running and as Luxembourg inherits not-quite-semi-Salic, Alexandra is way back even after the sons of Henri’s brother.

Which leads us, partly, to another problem, as Guillaume can’t marry morganatically, he has to stay within his own class (part of the Nassau House Law, which can theoretically be altered but probably won’t as this would change Louis’ status once more). And there’s not a lot of princesses left in Europe ;) Well, there’s enough girls born to minor nobility, although a lot of them are destitute or simply only bear the denomination anymore, and I’m not entirely sure those would be ruled suitable for a Hereditary Grand Duke. And there are two more brothers to marry off, too.

And as not only good things come in threes, Luxembourg is one of the few Catholic monarchies left in Europe. Although it is expected that the parliament will pass a law this fall granting same-sex marriages equal status, we’re still faced with a Catholic house here. Henri might have relinquished the “by the Grace of God” styling, but I’m not sure how far away from his religious denomination he has gone.

All things considered? Guillaume either needs to start his own family pronto or he should simply out himself. A gay HGD might not be ideal, but he would definitely show that even Catholic monarchies can go with the times.

On the bright side: Researching Guillaume and his brothers made me realise my French (understanding) is not as bad as I thought it was. And Letzenbuergesch is actually a readable dialect.