Wedding bells ring….hopefully not Tuesday, Aug 10 2010 

The Daily Star is running a piece today that Prince William and Miss Middleton want to marry next year in June, announcement due in November.

Now, quite aside from my misgivings about Miss Middleton: if it’s true, it’s not a good move, William.

The Star speculates on the wedding being used to divert attention from the 30 year anniversary of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding (July 29th), as well as being a “perfect present” for Prince Philip, who’ll be celebrating his 90th birthday next year (June 10th).

Uh. Again, William, not a smart move.

Now, let’s not forget if the media (and especially the Star) were any authority, these two would be married ten times over and had half a football team of rugrats already. So I’m waiting to see what happens.

But it’s not a smart move on more than one level so *sigh* seriously, people, think a bit. Let’s just assume it’s true, what’s that mean?

1) Two British royal events in one year, in one month! And not only that but what does the Star call it? “one of the biggest royal occasions of the 21st Century” William might be in direct line to the throne, but he’s still second in line, he’s not a senior royal, he has no right to “one of the biggest royal occasions of the 21st Century”, so to speak. Royal events are expensive, even when a good part of it should be paid out of the family’s own pocket rather than from tax money, and two in one month? Uh.

2) Two British royal events in one year, in one month! Stealing the show from grandpa? Bad idea. Prince Philip might not be the best liked person in the royal family of Britain, but he’s the friggin’ Prince Consort to the Queen of England and you only turn 90 once. Very bad idea.

3) While I simply think he’s not noticed: Playing one-up with the Grimaldis? Really? One would think people were beyond that by now, but powerplays are still taking place between the families it seems. On the other hand, it might simply have slipped the notice of the good Windsor-Mountbattons (aka Saxe-Coburg and Gotha aka Wettin), as the princely houses are too far beneath their notice. And I’m not joking here. It’s highly unlikely we’ll see any member of the Brits at Albert’s wedding next summer. But I’ll make a separate post about that myself at some point. Anyway, a British wedding in June to pre-empt the Grimaldi wedding in July? Not smart. Not smart at all. Would be worse if we were still in a time when dynastics were more of an issue, but even so, not smart at all.

I could probably go on some more *sigh*.

I’m yet hoping it’s just another article sprog from silly season and having nothing else to write about.


Appearances and follies Saturday, Aug 7 2010 

Screw it, we’ll talk about Albert after all.

Prince Albert II that is, His Serene Highness The Prince of Monaco.

The media are doing somersaults over this and I have no idea why.

Because it’s Monaco? Are they aware that the Grimaldis are not generally looked benevolently upon by their royal peers? Do they know that this wedding will be a balance act of the royal houses of Europe? Oh right, no one cares. The media’s all about the glamour and the bling.


Fine. A few facts:

Charlene Wittstock, no matter if you want to call her a gold digger or crass or whatever (because for now I don’t about that at all, and I haven’t been reading up on her so I won’t form an opinion on that), is 20 years younger than Albert. Which in and by itself would be acceptable, especially for someone who’s known to be womanizing like Albert. Doesn’t mean I condone it, but hey, whatever he wants to do with his life, that’s fine.

Although someone should talk to him about the usage of condoms, so he doesn’t father children left and right. (No, I don’t believe the two he has acknowledged are the only ones running around.)

In other words, Miss Wittstock will – in all likelyhood and disregarding accidents – survive Albert considerably.

Should those two have children, it is not unlikely that these children will be minors when they father passed away (remember, by the time any child could be born Albert will be 55 years old at the very least, plus another twenty puts him at 75 at the child’s majority and that is not yet taking into consideration the fact that any child of theirs will have to complete some kind of (higher) education). And if that wasn’t traumatic by itself, the first born child (or the first born boy as Monaco practises male preference primogeniture), that child will be Prince (or Princess) of Monaco at the tender age of 18, if they are really unlucky.

Who the fuck would want a monarch of that age? No education, no experience no nothing. I really can’t see why a considerable portion of people (and the media of course) want to see the two of them have children.

And no, that has nothing to do with the fact that I think Andrea Casiraghi would make a good Prince, because while I think he would, I don’t wish it onto him. If he can get away, he should make his escape. Go to South America or something. That said, I wouldn’t even want to see Andrea on that throne yet, and he’s 26 and has completed his education. But he’s lacking a lot of experience, still.

Which is another point: Albert has no head for politics. He doesn’t really care for it, he couldn’t care less about a lot of matters. There’s the humanitarian side, of course, but that’s always only one thing. While Monaco nominally has a government, that government is essentially just the elongated arm of Albert, they execute his wishes. The Prince of Monaco has political weight to throw around, and having someone on the throne now who couldn’t care less is a problem, imagine having someone inexperienced and naive on there for the next, oh I don’t know, fifty to seventy years. Everything that Albert’s father has worked for will go down the drain and Monaco will be what it’s been before: A bare rock with nothing to rely on but gambling.

None of the siblings showed much of a head for politics, Albert was more interested in sports and women, Caroline has three marriage under her belt, of which one ended in the death of her husband, and had three, later four children to raise, and Stephanie suffered psychological trauma when her mother died. Caroline has turned out to still be the most sensible and I have to say, I’m surprised by that.

If you need proof, take a look at Monaco’s financial situation even before the crisis hit. I’ll tell you this much: It’s devastating.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, think of all the things you know about Monaco. Think of all the things you’ve ever heard about Monaco. Now imagine raising children in that madhouse. Imagine how they will have to turn out, without their own fault, too. You want to do that to any child? You want to do that to a future monarch? There’s more reason than a dead husband that made Caroline remove her children from there in the early 1990’s.

Albert is known to rush into decisions, further bolstered by the fact that he only called his jeweller the morning of the engagement announcement for a ring and the poor man had to fly in from his vacation. Just the most recent example.

Actually no, scratch that. The most recent example is the fact that he rescheduled the wedding by a week, because he hadn’t taken into account an IOC meeting he (and Miss Wittstock) ‘had’ to attend the weekend of the actual date. Oops. So much for honeymoon, then.

One more point about children: Miss Wittstock had a boob job, I think about six months ago. If you were planning on children at any point within the next few years, why not get the boob job after? That way you save yourself from at least one surgery.

It’s not that I don’t wish Albert happiness, I’m just sceptical he’ll find it. It feels a lot like he’s just marrying her because he needs to divert attention for one, and for two because he promised he would marry some day and now seems to be as good a time as any. It seems more and more like the wrong motives and these ‘royalty experts’ the media are spewing up are annoying me to no end, as they don’t even have their facts straight on most occasions.

So much for the Albert and his impeding marriage.

Search Queries #1 Monday, Aug 2 2010 

Those of you who have their own experiences with WordPress know that you can look at the Search Engine Terms used to find the blog.

While a good many of those I get are what you would expect, there also are a few rather outrageous ones, or such based on misunderstanding, or simply quite amusing ones. I’ll see if I can answer a few here, although of course, I never guarantee for the accuracy of my information.

Neither Charlotte Casiraghi nor Tatiana Santo Domingo are pregnant to the best of my knowledge. While it would, theoretically, not be a problem of succession or legitimacy for either for them (Charlotte is far back in the succession, behind Pierre as Monaco acts on male-preference primogeniture and even if Tatiana had a child by Andrea that child would be legitimate if Andrea married her eventually, even after it was born), there has not been any media echo to suggest such. Yes this picture exists but both these baby bellies are fake. If you went along those lines, Pierre would be pregnant, too and warrant a far greater press response than either his sister, or his brother’s girlfriend.

That said, I’m not opposed to Tatiana and Andrea having children, I think they’re well matched and it might strengthen Andrea’s claim (more on that in another post). And considering we’re talking about them anyway, there has been no reports about Andrea breaking up with Tatiana; and frankly, he’d be pretty stupid to do so. For several reasons, not the least because she’s managed his antics for six years already, finding someone else who’d do that would be pretty hard. Especially during his walking-dead-body time towards the end of 2008, beginning of 2009.

I do not have pictures of Prince Haakon in the nude, sorry. I could probably offer a few shots in swimming trunks, if anyone was really interested, but unlike the the Casiraghi boys (or Freddles, dear god, or even the Wales brothers), Haakon tends to stay properly dressed. Which is a shame, I know, but what can you do?

I am not in possession of Prince Carl Philip’s email address, I am sad to say. If I did, do you really think I’d still be sitting here? *g* I don’t have any other means of contacting him personally either. If you think there’s a reason why Sweden’s only prince should talk to you, send a request for communication to the Royal Palace in Stockholm or to the press office in Drottningholm Palace. I can probably get you addresses for those, if I dig around a little.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume does not have a girlfriend as far as I’m aware or is officially known. If he is in any relationship romantic in nature (be it straight or gay :-P), it is kept low profile, so low that the press hasn’t picked up on it and the press office of the Luxembourgian court has not seen the necessity to inform the public of it. That isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of girls (and probably boys) who wouldn’t want to be with him…and hey, you can hope! (As long as you fulfil the requirements.) Don’t come crying to me though, when you find out that it’s a lot less glamorous and a lot more hard work than you bargained for.

In the same vein, I have no frelling idea if Prince Félix of Luxembourg has a girlfriend, sorry. No official communication to that regard from the court, and he’s still in Italy most of the time (should be until later this fall at the very least). Considering Félix is conveyed to be the playboy prince though (well, not too hard compared to his big brother I guess), it stands to reason that he’s got someone in Italy. A lot of nice, Catholic countesses with proper breeding down there at least.

Yes, I like Diego Forlán’s pecs, too *licks him*. ;-) Guess someone stumbled over the blog due to the lookalike post. Man, I could tell you things about that man by now…rawr. Never mind, just thought it would be nice to mention *cough*.

I can’t tell you if Prince Rainier ever met Charlene Wittstock prior to his death. Considering she and Albert first met eight or ten (accounts differ) years ago, it stands to reason he might have met her. I can’t be sure though, so don’t take my word on that *shrug*. Maybe someone else can make a comment on that?

Enough for now, more comments on search queries later. By the by, once I’m through the ones I already collected, I might make it a semi-regular thing in the future. Might be worth it.

Princess Victroia’s wedding – Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock, wedding bells Thursday, Jun 24 2010 

Were you cold, dearest?

Several reasons to make this post now, I know, I know. I didn’t forget it or decided to ignore it, I’m just a little pressed for time these days.

Anyway, Albert you rascal, you almost gave the lie to my opinion!

Albert attended with Charlene, and not as his plus one, but she was on the guest list, got her own name on the invitation and all (unlike, e.g. Miss Middleton or Miss Davy, even though their boyfriends were invited). According to the commentators, Vikkan said she didn’t care if they were engaged or not. Fact is though: Charlene was relegated to second row during the ceremony (albeit still in a place of honour, right behind Albert).

Which gives several interesting spins to the engagement, which was announced mere days after the wedding.

If Albert had asked her before Vikkan’s wedding, I have to say he was polite enough to wait and not steal her spotlight by announcing he’s finally decided to make an honest woman of someone.

If this is a development that took its course after the wedding, I have to wonder if Miss Wittstock didn’t simply find it annoying to have a different status even though actually she didn’t. This could just as well just be a formalization, especially as we don’t have an appointment for the wedding yet. As long as that’s not set, I suppose this serves other purposes.

Might she be pregnant? Again, there is no date for the wedding yet, and as I suppose no one would be surprised about Albert deciding to marry spontaneously (Grimaldis are…eccentric, after all), with no date set I’m not convinced of that. And the question I’ve brought up several times already, if Albert wants (more) children is still on the table. Miss Wittstock had some work done on herself, Albert is over 50 and I’m not sure at all.

What will be more than interesting, is who will come to that wedding, if we’ll get one at all.

The Grimaldis are ‘only’ Serene Highnesses, they’re not royal in the sense of the word. The wedding of Rainier III and Gracia Patricia (née Grace Kelly) was boycotted by the high nobility, because it was an unequal marriage, and the marriage between Albert and Miss Wittstock would be as well. On the other hand, as many nominally unequal marriages as we’re currently having in the European nobility, no one should care much. (Of course, at the wedding of Rainier and Grace, Monaco was a bare rock and tiny rock with barely anything to offer other than gambling, today Monaco is the place to be.)

It is interesting though, about the Grimaldis. Maybe I should make another history post, when I have the time. In my first post on HGD Guillaume I had a very interesting discussion the other day about that issue (partly about that, anyway) and maybe I should elaborate a little more on a few differences where power is concerned. We’re living in a secularized Europe these days, with laws not made and governed over by monarchs anymore (with a few exceptions, Monaco being one of them incidentally), yet some countries still keep themselves monarchies and the general idea where wedding politics are concerned are still the same as they were hundreds of years ago. Mh, yes, a post on dynastic and real power is definitely under way at some point.

Anyway, Albert is an interesting monarch and any marriage he’s bound to have is going to be illustrious, at the very least. I wish them all the best, but I’m not convinced. I’m also not blaming Albert for waiting for forever, he’s seen what has become of both of his sisters’ marriages (excluding Stefano here because…well, different circumstances).

And Albert, please, at your own wedding…don’t wear the uniform, please -.-

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 2 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

First off, of course, congratulations to the newly wedded couple. Should have done that before but well *g*.

A few more observations (before we start in on the pictures later, eh?) that partly belong to the post from yesterday, but let’s roll with this, eh?

If one more reporter is speculating when Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock will finally tie the knot or how theirs will be the next royal wedding we’re seeing, I’m going to scream. Seriously. I’m sick of hearing it. Albert is over 50, and unlike what they said on tv, he has legitimate heirs, even though they’re not his own children. Since they established male-preference primogeniture, Caroline’s children are just as suitable as heirs as any of those Albert could father on Charlene. Period. I’m sure Charlene is super nice and would make a very good princess, but I’m not sure either of them want to do that to themselves. By the time Albert’s children were old enough he’d be way over 70.

Victoria said she didn’t care of they were engaged or not and he should just bring her along, so Albert did. I’m seriously annoyed by this speculation (and not because I want to see Andrea ruling the principality, I’m just sick of hearing it). Also, Albert might not be young anymore but he certainly stayed young at heart, so let’s include him. Also, he’s highly entertaining.

Also, I was actually really happy they dug up Roxette again last night *g* I had a terrible, terrible fall back into my early teenagehood when I heard The Look and I guess Vikkan and CP had a similar reaction (Madde, too). It was funny how all the royals went nuts over the performance, even the King sand Queens, while the rest of the older audience was a liiiitle bit confused.

We’re currently watching the guests arrive for the wedding banquet, which should be additionally interesting.

Did I already mention I loved Vikkan’s dress? *g* I must have.

I briefly saw our two Luxembourgian princes but when Guillaume walked the carpet (with the Yugoslawian crown princely couple no less), he didn’t warrant any mentioned (neither were the Yugoslawiens, btw). It’s quite sad, Luxembourg is one of our neighbours and the tv commentators don’t recognise them (okay, they did recognise Henri and María Teresa and if I hadn’t know Félix I wouldn’t have known him either but Guillaume? oh please) -.- even though they did know they exist, but they are on the guest list after all.


Princess Victoria’s Wedding -1d Friday, Jun 18 2010 

The pre-wedding celebrations have been going on since yesterday, but yesterday there only was a private dinner with friends of Victoria’s, Daniel’s and Madeleine’s and heirs to the thrones of Europe. (Mette-Marit was wearing a stunning dress while I wasn’t so fond of Mary of Denmark…)

Today was a full program already, there was a semi-private lunch, a dinner and this evening there is a theatre gala performance (watching that one right now, highly entertaining just for the red carpet).

After Carl Philip almost made his sister fall (and almost got her naked in front of all the world to see as well) at Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday, there was another round of long dresses today. He didn’t get another chance though, as Daniel was escorting his fiancée today.

Daniel bringing the train of the dress back in order so she can walk up the steps properly. I’m not that fond of the dress (looks like a flokati rug…), but it’s the gesture that counts, right?

I’ve got to say, she’s trained him really well. Actually, if he pulled through yesterday and today, I don’t think she’d ever have to worry about the fact that he’ll get cold feet.

And Carl Philip, who I may remind you has been born a prince and has been his sisters’ escort for the past 30 years…

Look at where his feet are. (Not that fond of Madde’s dress either, but she can wear it.)

(In his defence, he’s a good younger brother, too, look here:

So as I said, I’m watching the gala performance right now (a concert more than theatre), and I’ve seen some of the red carpet of the previous functions today and some of the dinner.

Prince Félix of Luxembourg is wearing his hair longer again, about as long as two or three years ago, which I think suits him better than the buzz cut he had last time anyone got to see him. He almost nodded off in the middle of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s speech, which was somehwta amusing. He sat at one table with Alexia of Greece and Denmark and Charlene Wittstock (Prince Albert’s girlfriend). He also kept slurping his coffee during the speech *slap*. I guess they seated him together with all the people they didn’t know what to do about.

I didn’t see HGD Guillaume until they seated everyone at the theatre (or I might have seen him on a picture from this noon but I’m not exactly sure) and we already thought he was missing. But never fear, he’s there! Sitting next to Princess Mathilde of Belgium, actually, joking around with her. Which is quite reassuring and lovely, as those two better get along (Philippe too, of course).

That said, I have no idea why the Grand Ducal couple brought Felix as well. Not that I mind! I love seeing Félix but… Well it’s weird. Unless Guillaume decides he’s either not taking the throne or there’s too much work going around for three people, he doesn’t really have a reason to attend official events. Now, of course, Luxembourg is a small country but Henri, MT and Guillaume are pulling quite a lot of work by themselves so that’s entirely possible. Guillaume not succeeding? Unlikely.

The seating at the theatre is quite interesting too, especially if you can watch the icy looks Mary of Denmark (who looks naked, almost) and Letitzia of Spain (who is way hot in red) are shooting back and forth (they’re sitting next to one another), while there’s a merry round with the Crown Princely couple of the Netherlands and Norway as well as Prince Albert (of Monaco) and Charlene Wittstock.

Princess Madeleine has her seat behind her parents, next to King Konstantin II of Greece, who just might be trying to sell Philippos to her (even though he really is too young for her), judging by her amused expression. Prince Carl Philip is next to her, behind Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik.

I don’t know where Grand Duke Henri, María Teresa and Félix ended up but they have to be somewhere.

It seems the King and Queens are all grouped together (well, I haven’t seen Henri but I suppose he has to be around somewhere as well), which is quite nice, considering they all get along pretty well.

Edward and Sophie of Wessex *sigh* I guess they both know they shouldn’t be there (I’ve seen Harry and William at the England game btw, as I’m currently splitting my attention between football, the gala performance and this post *g*), and they’re looking not too happy to be stuck where they are. I wish there would have been some other arrangement, as pretty much everyone else is there. The only ones truly missing are some of the Islamic countries, I’d have loved to see Mohammed and Lalla Salma here but well, gotta take Abdullah and Ranie, they’re there.

As is Naruhito of Japan, who is looking somewhat lost at times but gets adopted in turn by the other royal couples, which is quite adorable (especially as Naruhito is about a head smaller than even most of the ladies in attendance…maybe they could put him next to Carl Philip sometime, he’s bound to feel tall at least XD).

Oh they just tried to sell Frederik of Denmark to Vikkan last minute *g*. And Mary is Not Amused. Even lass so as she was called a didgeridoo in front of the whole audience.

Life is good, my dears.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the wedding on Swedish and German tv and well as watching footie. I already have my media centre set up for that ^^ Look forward to it.