Search Queries #2 Tuesday, Aug 3 2010 

Another round of queries. You wouldn’t believe how many people want to see naked royals *shakes head*.

For the most part I don’t have completely accurate measurements, especially for the likes of someone like Carl Philip, but here a few tendencies and rough estimates:
Prince Carl Philip: is small for a Scandinavian male, which is probably due to the fact that he’s not very Scandinavian by blood (the House of Bernadotte had only one or two Queens who had Swedish roots, the rest are foreigners, German, British, French etc.). Estimates are between 1,73 m and 1,76 m (do your own foot and inch calculations, I’m metric). Considering his sisters are always wearing heels next to him and CP is vain enough to have his own heels a little higher than normal, it’s hard to guess. But as his girlfriends have always been smaller than him, they must have been really tiny tiny. But yeah, 1,75 m is a good estimate for him.

Prince William is between 1,90 m and 1,92 m, estimates differ. But he’s tall. Prince Harry is maybe 2-3 cm smaller than his brother, still one of the taller ones out there.

Andrea Casiraghi falls into that category as well, with 1,90 m to 1,93 m. His brother Pierre is a few centimetres shorter, but not much. All things considered, it doesn’t really matter.

HGD Guillaume has not inherited a lot of his father’s height, he’s closer to Carl Philip with I’d say 1,76 m, maybe 1,78 m tops. Prince Félix has had more luck, he’s taller than his brother, about 1,85 m I’d say. No guarantees though.

Prince Amedeo (who I think hasn’t been a search query so far but as I was talking about him anyway…) is freakishly tall as well, ranging high up there with the 1,90 m gang. He also has a pronounced slouch when he’s with his family, because save for Joachim and Lorenz, they’re all considerably smaller.

Any more you’d like to know?

As for HGD Guillaume being able to marry a Muslim woman…honestly I have no idea. Gut feeling says no, as the House of Nassau-Weilburg is decidedly Catholic since a few generations back, but I don’t know how that relates exactly to the laws of succession. They do not, like GB, have a code that a spouse has to convert into a specific faith prior to the marriage, and Astrid of the Belgians has only later converted from Church of Sweden (which is Lutheran) to the Catholic denomination, but I have no idea how that would relate as to a completely non-Christian faith, sorry. Would be interesting to know, though, maybe Luxarazzi (tender of the Lëtzebuerg blog and usually very well informed) can make a comment as to that regard?

As for suitable brides for Prince William… Suitable how? Royal? If you don’t count on religious denominations (which are changeable) you can take Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Theodora, Princess Madeleine, and a few Archduchesses into account, as well as some of the as-of-today defunct monarchies in Germany, Italy and the Balkans. The most suitable of those (taking into account religious faith, lack of incest within her own family, lack if incest with the British royal family and the necessary spine to stand up to the Commonwealth) is probably Madeleine, although good luck convincing her of Wills. I suppose you can sooner make CP and Wills go gay with each other before you get Madde to shoulder that particular criss on her shoulders.

I also don’t think that HGD Guillaume and Princess Madeleine will hit it off, despite the fact that they probably know each other pretty well and Aftonbladet has speculated into that direction before as well. Looking at Madde, I don’t think she’d be happy in a such decidedly Catholic monarchy.

Whatever did you want to tell me with hereditary grand duke pin up anyway? I can probably offer a few shots of him in swimming trunks, but that’s about it. And those are a good few years older as well.

Oh and Prince Félix isn’t tingling my gaydar one little bit. While that, of course, doesn’t mean much I have my doubts. Really.

For all I know Princess Mette-Marit is not pregnant again. The woman is 37 years old and has 3 children, cut her a break. The succession is more than taken care of, I doubt she and Haakon want more (unless an accident happens, we’ve had a few of those in the last generation already *waves to Caroline and Astrid*).

There seems to be an interest in seeing our current Queens (Margrethe, Sofia) young is that right? I could probably try to track down pictures…

That seems to be largely it for the moment…


Search Queries #1 Monday, Aug 2 2010 

Those of you who have their own experiences with WordPress know that you can look at the Search Engine Terms used to find the blog.

While a good many of those I get are what you would expect, there also are a few rather outrageous ones, or such based on misunderstanding, or simply quite amusing ones. I’ll see if I can answer a few here, although of course, I never guarantee for the accuracy of my information.

Neither Charlotte Casiraghi nor Tatiana Santo Domingo are pregnant to the best of my knowledge. While it would, theoretically, not be a problem of succession or legitimacy for either for them (Charlotte is far back in the succession, behind Pierre as Monaco acts on male-preference primogeniture and even if Tatiana had a child by Andrea that child would be legitimate if Andrea married her eventually, even after it was born), there has not been any media echo to suggest such. Yes this picture exists but both these baby bellies are fake. If you went along those lines, Pierre would be pregnant, too and warrant a far greater press response than either his sister, or his brother’s girlfriend.

That said, I’m not opposed to Tatiana and Andrea having children, I think they’re well matched and it might strengthen Andrea’s claim (more on that in another post). And considering we’re talking about them anyway, there has been no reports about Andrea breaking up with Tatiana; and frankly, he’d be pretty stupid to do so. For several reasons, not the least because she’s managed his antics for six years already, finding someone else who’d do that would be pretty hard. Especially during his walking-dead-body time towards the end of 2008, beginning of 2009.

I do not have pictures of Prince Haakon in the nude, sorry. I could probably offer a few shots in swimming trunks, if anyone was really interested, but unlike the the Casiraghi boys (or Freddles, dear god, or even the Wales brothers), Haakon tends to stay properly dressed. Which is a shame, I know, but what can you do?

I am not in possession of Prince Carl Philip’s email address, I am sad to say. If I did, do you really think I’d still be sitting here? *g* I don’t have any other means of contacting him personally either. If you think there’s a reason why Sweden’s only prince should talk to you, send a request for communication to the Royal Palace in Stockholm or to the press office in Drottningholm Palace. I can probably get you addresses for those, if I dig around a little.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume does not have a girlfriend as far as I’m aware or is officially known. If he is in any relationship romantic in nature (be it straight or gay :-P), it is kept low profile, so low that the press hasn’t picked up on it and the press office of the Luxembourgian court has not seen the necessity to inform the public of it. That isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of girls (and probably boys) who wouldn’t want to be with him…and hey, you can hope! (As long as you fulfil the requirements.) Don’t come crying to me though, when you find out that it’s a lot less glamorous and a lot more hard work than you bargained for.

In the same vein, I have no frelling idea if Prince Félix of Luxembourg has a girlfriend, sorry. No official communication to that regard from the court, and he’s still in Italy most of the time (should be until later this fall at the very least). Considering Félix is conveyed to be the playboy prince though (well, not too hard compared to his big brother I guess), it stands to reason that he’s got someone in Italy. A lot of nice, Catholic countesses with proper breeding down there at least.

Yes, I like Diego Forlán’s pecs, too *licks him*. ;-) Guess someone stumbled over the blog due to the lookalike post. Man, I could tell you things about that man by now…rawr. Never mind, just thought it would be nice to mention *cough*.

I can’t tell you if Prince Rainier ever met Charlene Wittstock prior to his death. Considering she and Albert first met eight or ten (accounts differ) years ago, it stands to reason he might have met her. I can’t be sure though, so don’t take my word on that *shrug*. Maybe someone else can make a comment on that?

Enough for now, more comments on search queries later. By the by, once I’m through the ones I already collected, I might make it a semi-regular thing in the future. Might be worth it.

Silly season? Nah… Monday, Aug 2 2010 

I’ve neglected YHR a bit… I’m sorry *bows* But real life got in the way of things with work if you can believe it. But now I have a few days off to get my balance back before the crazies start. Wheeee.

Anyway, while politicians are coming up with more and more outrageous ideas by the hour, our favourite Swedish prince has managed to make his relationship official.

It all started with speculation that Prince Carl Philip has brought Sofia Hellqvist home to meet the parents. That by itself doesn’t mean much, as Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf are fond of meeting their children’s partners early. Even if this has been going on a year already, both of them were probably sick of reading of their son in the papers and not knowing who they were dealing with.

Anyway, later that week came up rumours that Slitz (the magazine Sofia had been posing in with the snake, you remember) would publish nude pictures of her. Now, let me put it this way: I have seen nude pictures of Sofia posted someplace I won’t go into detail about now, and they’re certainly out there. And it’s definitely her. I don’t know if these are the same pictures that Slitz has bought, but if these got out to the public, CP would have a serious problem on his hands. I can’t even blame Slitz for wanting to do so, they certainly would sell well.

Consequently, the palace blocked the publication and confirmed, more or less, the relationship between CP and Miss Hellqvist. More or less, because it was never phrased “yes, Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist are in a relationship” (my Swedish might be way sub-par, but I can read, after all; it was more along the line of, I can’t check right now, “it is sad that some magazine is using past transgressions of a young woman for profit just because she has associations with a prince now”, or some such).

Not much of a surprise, considering he’s been taking her on holiday with him, interestingly enough into the same resort where Emma Pernald (his ex-gf) is vacationing with her new bf. Talk about explosive meetings (no worries, Emm and CP are still friends).

Also, he’s been taking her out to dinner several times, less covertly than he has before (or maybe we should say: the press has paid more attention than before).

All things considered, we might be looking at grand romance.

Or not, because if the pictures (I’m not going to repost at this point) of these outings are any indication… Huh. If you’re in a relationship, even if it’s been going on for a year already, you sit close together, don’t you? Or at least close enough so you can talk comfortably. This looked a lot like “look, here she is, no go away”. I dunno, weird. Will warrant more investigation indeed.

Ah I almost forgot! CP has won a race! Yes! It was an endurance competition but hey! For those of you able or willing to read/decipher Swedish:


Happy happy. And don’t worry, all of you who don’t like beards, he’ll have gotten rid of it again already. He never shaves during racing weekends, either he simply doesn’t want to bother or he thinks it’s a lucky charm.

We’ll have to talk some more about Prince Albert, it seems, as well as Prince Joachim of Belgium, who had one of his first royal appearances two weeks back (and who probably wants to smother his big brother with a pillow for doing that to him *g*). But not now, now there are a few more mundane needs I have to satisfy first. Like the wish for a full fridge.

Victoriadagen 2010 Thursday, Jul 15 2010 

This year, Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday celebrations had to take place without her, as she is still honeymooning with Prince Daniel. But never fear, as she has a duty-bound younger brother who has been taking her place yesterday.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Princess Madeleine also showed up. This wasn’t in her official schedule, but it was good to see her nonetheless!

Prince Carl Philip left his usual Victoriadagen-suit (a less than flattering beige-brown thing he’s been wearing for at least five years to these celebrations) at home and at first I was plenty happy with this, as he’s not even wearing one of his equally terrible ties.

That is, until I got a closer look and what he is wearing there and either he paid a visit to Monaco and looted Andrea’s closet or he dove into Gustaf’s old chests and retrieved clothes from the 80’s, because I have no other ways to explain this:

It is chequered. And it has gold buttons! *shakes him* Why, oh why didn’t Madde keep you from wearing this?? Dear CP, we need to talk about your wardrobe at some point (what I wonder is, did Emma throw everything out once and he just kept buying this stuff and it’s all new now? *sigh). But well, at least the dress shirt is quite flattering.

The fact that he’s back to his Antonio Banderas looks doesn’t sit so well with me though. Less gel, deary, you’re looking much more lovely during your gel-free racing weekends.

Not his best look. Also he’s sweating quite a bit and while it’s been hot hot hot in central Europe and even Finland saw 30 centigrades, Sweden has been considerably cooler these last few days, so I don’t really have any explanation for this. *pats him* Ah CP, what to do with you?

But as it looks he will at least age nicely, I’m looking forward to the next ten years at least. Rawr.

The royal world of football Sunday, Jul 4 2010 

No, I haven’t forgotten this blog of course. But between the hellish weather, my workload, football and whatever else life decides to throw at me, I’ve simply not had the time.

I’m aware I still haven’t worked through all the wedding guests I wanted but well ^^;

Anyway, football. You can draw me in about every two years, simply by the fact that if I don’t watch it, I’m the odd one out in the circles I move in, so watching it is pretty much a survival mechanism for me. Four years ago we had the World Cup here in the country and since then…people are crazy. And this year, after so many of the players dropped out prior to the actual start due to injuries, no one really believed things could turn out well…and now we’re in for half-finals. Huh.

But this isn’t about me, right? Things is, football is immensely popular all through Europe, and royalty is no exclusion, naturally.

I already showed you Freddles and Willem Alexander in one post and William and Harry in another.

And I’m sure England would have done better if Wills and Harry would have stayed around to watch more games! But no, Wills had to go and become the most junior members of the Royal Society of Britain and Harry had to go off to NY and throw the first ball at a Metz game (at least he left 50 minutes in to watch Ghana declass the US *g*).

The Netherlands have done quite well during the competition and I’m fully expecting to see Willem-Alexander again at the half-finals. At least now they won’t have to play Argentina, because that could have become interesting in the house of Nassau-Orange, what with Màxima being from Argentina ^^.

Considering this blog, it should be clear here my loyalties lie with that game, but! I have developed a soft spot for the Urus. And not (only ;-P) because striker Diego Forlán looks like Andrea Casiraghi. The Urus are also such cute cuddlers after goals. *sigh* My loyalties aren’t divided, they clearly lie with Uruguay. Sorry, Netherlands, but there’s natural rivalry between you and us.

Now, what will happens if we’ll see a game Germany vs. Uruguay I don’t know.

Anyway, when Germany beat Argentina yesterday, it seems we had another royal spectator:

Carl Philip! And looking good *drool*. Ahem. :-)

Funnily enough, Lara said she saw Charleze during half-time break and she was alone. But maybe our prince just needed a bathroom break ^^.

It’s nice. Now, I’m the last who will be drawing conclusions as to what CP is doing with South African Hollywood actress Charleze Theron, for the simply reason that she’s a) not his type and b) way out of his league, due to the simply fact that she’s famous. If he started anything with her he wouldn’t get out of the limelight anymore and he won’t want that. Still, it’s interesting, especially as CP does have his charities but all of those are in Sweden. Now, with Charleze – who is active in the fight against HIV in her home country – he could have a foot in the door to Africa, the same continent where Princes William and Harry have been active for years.

Network in the making, perhaps?

So, let’s hope he got to chatting with her at some point *g*.

I’m glad to see he’s looking so good, and I suppose he won’t have been in South Africa simply for that one game (Expressen says it was a private visit rather than an official one), so we might see him again at the half-finals and finals, which would be nice ^^. There would be enough time before Victoriadagen at the 14th for him to see all the games.

I’m definitely amused *g*.

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Carl Philip Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

No, Carl Philip didn’t bring his lingerie model. His sister would have ripped his head off, and besides, he was busy being best friend to the groom and escorting his new sister-by-marriage.

But he looked positively edible. Dashing. Considering I’ve been worried a bit about him in recent months, because he had lost quite a bit of weight and generally didn’t look so good, this is a huge relief. And his behaviour was impeccable, I’m very much impressed. I might be a little enamoured at the moment *g*.

CP escorted Daniel from the Stockholm Royal Palace to the Cathedral to Stockholm (Cathedral of St Nikolai). You can see already that it was a good day for him and when he appeared on screen he looked so very happy, it almost rivalled Daniel.

CP and Daniel are generally getting along very well and we initially speculated he would definitely best man…before realizing that the Church of Sweden doesn’t operate according to that concept (growing up Catholic does not give you appreciation for the Lutheran way of doing things, sorry). Anyway, he wasn’t best man, but he did have an important part nonetheless. As those two are pretty good (best?) friends, the role he would play as that and as brother of the bride was a given, of course. I didn’t see too much of him during the ceremony, as Victoriawas always in front of him but from the few snatches you could see… Well.

Carl Philip is wearing the collar and badge of the Order of the Seraphim here, and this is the first time ever I’ve seen him wear the collar and not just the sash. The Order of the Seraphim is the highest order of the kingdom of Sweden and all members of the Swedish royal family (Daniel as well, as of his marriage, you will see the light blue sash and the star pinned to his chest later) are members or rather, knights of that order. All of those knights are allowed to wear the collar, but more commonly worn is the sash worn from right shoulder to left hip and the star pinned to the left chest. The sash is held in light blue, referred to as seraphim blue. As everyone else (well, every other monarch at least, including GD Henri for example) was wearing the collar, I guess they made CP wear it as well. That might have been a very good idea too, as his bow tie remained straight all through the ceremony and almost straight all through the banquet. Bravo! (More about the Seraphim order later, I’ll get those insignia up at some point -.-)

Wedding ceremonies in Sweden are normally such as the bride and groom enter the church together, it is supposed to show the free choice of those two people. There has been much controversy before the wedding day, as Victoria wanted to be given away by her father, for her own reasons at which I can very well guess but which I won’t be divulging on, and the compromise was that Victoria and Daniel met halfway down the asile. Vikkan was given away by her father and who was waiting with Daniel? Of course, Carl Philip.

My heart went out to both of them, really. I can easily imagine this was not only the happiest day in Daniel’s life, but also in CP’s. There’s this about him, the problem with publicity and the media and I think he was very worried about having to take care of succession. This is the biggest step towards eliminating that problem and it’s doing wonders. You’ll see what I mean in a moment. Also, if you had any doubts about how close these two are…

He’s looking straight into the camera! Whenever has the world seen something like that? Hold still, my heart.

(this last is after the marriage was sealed, I think that is the marriage certificate or something, I’m not sure. anyone?)

One could almost think he’s said that he has to give Daniel to his sister now, eh? ;-) Evil to him who evil thinks.

Also, Carl Philip my love, you’re starting to wrinkle when you’re really happy.

Lucky you’re absolutely gorgeous otherwise and the crow feet are actually adorable, as they’re a sign of happiness. Still not kicking him out of bed *licks*. Ahem.

Let’s hope he’s that happy more often, yes?

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 3 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

Still at dinner, although currently trying to eat myself.

Still looking for Félix at the side tables, spotted pretty much every else who was of immediate interest to me.

Carl Philip got Daniel’s sister to entertain (and woah, boy, if I didn’t know she was married I’d say you’re flirting!) directly next to the bridal table (where Daniel’s mama Eva is seated between King Carl XVI Gustaf and King Harald of Norway, woah). Madeleine is across from him, entertaining the Bulgarians (or one of them, anyway).

They seated GD Henri two seats away from her, GD María Teresa next to Prince Albert, with Queen Rania of Jordania on his other side (love that woman).

Princess Mette-Marit was seated next to HGD Guillaume, who in turn is sitting next to Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein. Those three are having the time of their life, it seems. Like woah. I’ve seen Guillaume talk to a bunch of people yet but never relaxed and casual like this with anyone. If I was truly cynical, I’d say the beard reminds her of her husband *g*. (Yep, Guillaume is unshaven despite full dress uniform, but so are Prince Haakon and Prince Philippe and while Haakon and Guillaume manage to look groomed well enough, the look does tend to come across a bit scruffy with Philippe… Hm. Mathilde, make you husband shave.)

Anyway, this bit is interesting, as MM especially is known to have made gay rights a personal agenda (she’s written the foreword for that book, Skapsprengerne, that was actually true what I wrote in “To Move Earth and Heaven”). Coincidence? Probably. Still think it’s funny.

Oh and Carl Philip looks dashing today, doesn’t he? He didn’t even fall into the hair gel bottle today ♥. Wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers right now. Yum.

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 1 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

1. I loved loved loved the dress. So much. It was simple and pretty and just very much Victoria.

2. Carl Philip gave the groom away XD. I laughed so much. But CP looked almost happier than Daniel, I think he was so relieved and happy.

More and also pictures to follow later. Still watching footage. (Oh, and look: new princely tag ^^ which also means retiring the Daniel Westling tag.)

Princess Victoria’s Wedding -1d Friday, Jun 18 2010 

The pre-wedding celebrations have been going on since yesterday, but yesterday there only was a private dinner with friends of Victoria’s, Daniel’s and Madeleine’s and heirs to the thrones of Europe. (Mette-Marit was wearing a stunning dress while I wasn’t so fond of Mary of Denmark…)

Today was a full program already, there was a semi-private lunch, a dinner and this evening there is a theatre gala performance (watching that one right now, highly entertaining just for the red carpet).

After Carl Philip almost made his sister fall (and almost got her naked in front of all the world to see as well) at Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday, there was another round of long dresses today. He didn’t get another chance though, as Daniel was escorting his fiancée today.

Daniel bringing the train of the dress back in order so she can walk up the steps properly. I’m not that fond of the dress (looks like a flokati rug…), but it’s the gesture that counts, right?

I’ve got to say, she’s trained him really well. Actually, if he pulled through yesterday and today, I don’t think she’d ever have to worry about the fact that he’ll get cold feet.

And Carl Philip, who I may remind you has been born a prince and has been his sisters’ escort for the past 30 years…

Look at where his feet are. (Not that fond of Madde’s dress either, but she can wear it.)

(In his defence, he’s a good younger brother, too, look here:

So as I said, I’m watching the gala performance right now (a concert more than theatre), and I’ve seen some of the red carpet of the previous functions today and some of the dinner.

Prince Félix of Luxembourg is wearing his hair longer again, about as long as two or three years ago, which I think suits him better than the buzz cut he had last time anyone got to see him. He almost nodded off in the middle of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s speech, which was somehwta amusing. He sat at one table with Alexia of Greece and Denmark and Charlene Wittstock (Prince Albert’s girlfriend). He also kept slurping his coffee during the speech *slap*. I guess they seated him together with all the people they didn’t know what to do about.

I didn’t see HGD Guillaume until they seated everyone at the theatre (or I might have seen him on a picture from this noon but I’m not exactly sure) and we already thought he was missing. But never fear, he’s there! Sitting next to Princess Mathilde of Belgium, actually, joking around with her. Which is quite reassuring and lovely, as those two better get along (Philippe too, of course).

That said, I have no idea why the Grand Ducal couple brought Felix as well. Not that I mind! I love seeing Félix but… Well it’s weird. Unless Guillaume decides he’s either not taking the throne or there’s too much work going around for three people, he doesn’t really have a reason to attend official events. Now, of course, Luxembourg is a small country but Henri, MT and Guillaume are pulling quite a lot of work by themselves so that’s entirely possible. Guillaume not succeeding? Unlikely.

The seating at the theatre is quite interesting too, especially if you can watch the icy looks Mary of Denmark (who looks naked, almost) and Letitzia of Spain (who is way hot in red) are shooting back and forth (they’re sitting next to one another), while there’s a merry round with the Crown Princely couple of the Netherlands and Norway as well as Prince Albert (of Monaco) and Charlene Wittstock.

Princess Madeleine has her seat behind her parents, next to King Konstantin II of Greece, who just might be trying to sell Philippos to her (even though he really is too young for her), judging by her amused expression. Prince Carl Philip is next to her, behind Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik.

I don’t know where Grand Duke Henri, María Teresa and Félix ended up but they have to be somewhere.

It seems the King and Queens are all grouped together (well, I haven’t seen Henri but I suppose he has to be around somewhere as well), which is quite nice, considering they all get along pretty well.

Edward and Sophie of Wessex *sigh* I guess they both know they shouldn’t be there (I’ve seen Harry and William at the England game btw, as I’m currently splitting my attention between football, the gala performance and this post *g*), and they’re looking not too happy to be stuck where they are. I wish there would have been some other arrangement, as pretty much everyone else is there. The only ones truly missing are some of the Islamic countries, I’d have loved to see Mohammed and Lalla Salma here but well, gotta take Abdullah and Ranie, they’re there.

As is Naruhito of Japan, who is looking somewhat lost at times but gets adopted in turn by the other royal couples, which is quite adorable (especially as Naruhito is about a head smaller than even most of the ladies in attendance…maybe they could put him next to Carl Philip sometime, he’s bound to feel tall at least XD).

Oh they just tried to sell Frederik of Denmark to Vikkan last minute *g*. And Mary is Not Amused. Even lass so as she was called a didgeridoo in front of the whole audience.

Life is good, my dears.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the wedding on Swedish and German tv and well as watching footie. I already have my media centre set up for that ^^ Look forward to it.

Spiked coffee? Thursday, Jun 17 2010 

Anyone else think he’s high on something?

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