Wedding of Prince Nikolaos #6 Thursday, Aug 26 2010 

And hopefully the last batch of pictures and then we can talk about some stuff…later tonight because I really need to get some work done around here.

Do you remember the terrible chequered jacket with the gold buttons Carl Philip wore for Victoriadagen this year? It’s back ;_;

Madde and CP
Really CP, you could have carried your sister’s purse like a good big brother.

These are slightly blurry but I really like the group dynamics here. You can clearly see that this is really more a family gathering than anything else.
Group on boat

Hm, my two favourite Scandinavian princes… Hello there, boys.
Haakon+CP Haakon+CP2

And really, this must be the picture of the pre-wedding bash. Theodora, CP and…wine. (Ignore Mary.) My, my… CP and Theodora are third cousins, that would be a totally acceptable match and the Swedes would get a fully trained, super efficient blonde princess. Now CP, how about that? I’m sure she’s a splendid conversationalist… I just fear she could drink him under the table *g*


Wedding of Prince Nikolaos #5 Thursday, Aug 26 2010 

More pictures!

Crown Prince Pavlos and family

Pavlos and family
I wonder if these two are done with kids? Not that 5 wouldn’t be enough, but if they wanted more, there’s now the right distance to Prince Astride… Maria Olympia is cute, isn’t she? But damn that’s a short little dress.

Here with Marie and Joachim you can see why the wedding was set at this time of day because wow, that is nice lightning of the scene.
Marie and Joachim

My Theodora… Half a cup size more would have been good, you know? Mh, but in armour, shield and sword? Scary girl, scary. Get yourself in a film or a crime procedural.

We did get a few Brits after all. Lady Gabriella Windsor (who we’ve already seen), Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Prince Michael is the son of Princess Marina, herself a Greek Princess. His sister is Princess Alexandra, Honorary Lady Ogivly.
Gabriella, P+P Michael

You know Iran still has an empress? Well, here she is. Exiled, of course, but there’s hope yet.
Farah Pahlavi

The former King and Queen of the Hellenes
Konstantin and AM
I still am of the opinion the Greeks should take their King back. Not because that would give us another royal family showing up, but rather because I’d trust him (or rather, Pavlos) to get that state out of its misery again within a generation.

Rainbow dress for Máxima, but I quite like it
Maxi and WA

Princess Alexia and her family. Another 4 little kids.
Alexia and Carlos

I admit, these days I always look at Vikkan’s belly first. I’m practically waiting for a pregnancy announcement… Although I’d still prefer a summer baby *g*

Pre Greek Wedding Tuesday, Aug 24 2010 

Haakon as well as Willem-Alexander and Máxima also showed, yay.

Funnily enough, still no Brits. This is not going to reflect well on that relationship there.

Who allowed him to go out dressed like that? And Vikkan looks more pregnant than Mary Oo

Haakon got to accompany cousin Mary. Where’s the bump?

Swinging *g* I like those two.

Look at the shoes. Mind you, the man is the groom. Tatiana meanwhile, nice. Really nice, looks like an ancient Greek here. Very pretty.

Looking there, the King and Queen of Greece (for their sake let’s call them that) and their two youngest children. Hello there, Theodora. Normally I’d say there’s not enough fabric to that dress but whoy. As for Philippos, man he’s going to be so hunky. Although he definitely will look like Nikolaos in a few years.

Search Queries CW 33 Sunday, Aug 22 2010 

Aaaand another round.

Need a better structure though so we’ll go by country this time.


What’s it with the interest in the House of Austria-Este? Luisa Maria is still in school, I doubt you’ll find much of her anyway, safe for a few shots with her family. Joachim is just out to school and will either start studying in the fall or be enrolled in the royal military academy of Belgium. Maria Laura is studying and probably currently in Asia. Amedeo is still working for Deloitte in New York City; I don’t know which branch or what his job description is. I don’t really have that kind of stalker tendencies. Laetitzia is too young to make an appearance on this blog, save for shots with her family. Astrid is doing the working royal thing, Lorenz shows up when it’s required and elsewise he’s doing his own thing, he has an actual job (probably not 9 to 5 though).

Lorenz, Amedeo and Maria Laura were given titles as princes/princess of Belgium by royal decree in 1991, while, or shortly before, Astrid was pregnant with Joachim. Until then, they were only archdukes and archduchess, which means Lorenz and Amedeo are theoretically in the succession to the Austro-Hungarian throne (and pretty high up, too will likely go up further due to deaths and some fighting within the family about proper marriages). For Maria Laura the title would have had no consequences, as no one can need an archduchess as bride these days anymore (lucky for her, she can do what she wants). While I have read the decree itself, I can only speculate on the reason for it. Philippe was still unmarried and didn’t look like he would marry any time soon, the succession was running through the male line and that seemed wrong for a modern country… I wouldn’t know. Speculation and more input on this are welcome.

Okay… Dear Amedeo, if you want to send me a message, just do it. I’m not the rabid fangirl type; actually, I probably have less respect for your status and your title than even your colleagues. But please no placing cryptic search queries that aren’t search queries by a long shot. Seriously.


I have absolutely no idea if Prince Joachim and Prince Frederik are on good terms. The fact that Fred told Joachim only at a very recent photo shoot that his wife is pregnant seems to suggest otherweise, but I really couldn’t tell.

Prince Joachim very very likely speaks fluent French. His father is originally French (and his Danish is horrible say the Danish people so I would guess he speaks French with his children) and his wife is French. The assumption that he does speak French is reasonable. As for Fred, I know he does because I’ve seen footage of him and Guillaume chatting about some sports event or other – in French.

It is still being denied that Princess Mary had fertility treatment, but with her advanced age and her somewhat too thin figure, I wouldn’t be surprised. While I don’t think it was ivf or icsi, I suppose she might at least have been on ovulation stimulating drugs.

Uhm as for Mary and her…reputation as a golddigger, well. My opinion? When the young royals were in Sydney for the Olympics, she checked out who was available, first had a little tryst with Nikolaos (I’m not at all sure if this is just rumours of what actually happened but as I’ve heard it from several sides so far, let’s treat it as a fact), before figuring out Fred was the bigger number. As she’s been flaunting ‘her’ money for the past few years, clothes and jewels, and she’s not at all interested in doing any actual work, I suppose it’s safe to say I consider her a gold digger, yes. Being a princess is not all dresses and tiaras, it’s actually pretty damn hard work.


Seems like more people are noticing Prince Philippos now. He’s a bit young for me (currently, give it ten years and he’ll be perfectly acceptable *g*), but I can already see he’s gonna be hunky. No idea on the girlfriend bit, sorry. As for photos, hope for the wedding. With any luck, we’ll get a few good shots of him and Theodora both.


I’d ask who Princess Catherine is, but I would only do that because I’m too lazy to get the family tree out now. As she’s not of the current generation, she must be historical, or potentially nonexistent. Either way, I have nothing on her.

Still no girlfriend for HGD Guillaume, nor is it known of he’s gay or bi or straight. We he could be gay, he has enough brothers left to take care of succession issues at the very least ^^; (yeah I’m pragmatic, sue me :-P). He’s not engaged though, that much I’m sure of (at least not officially, what he does in private, who knows).

Okay so by “Crown prince Guillaume bathing” I hope you mean swimming in the sea, and not in the bathtub with a small yellow plastic duck. Seriously, that would be wrong. Anyway, there are pictures of Guillaume swimming trunks and playing volleyball in the sea from a couple of years ago, I don’t have them though (and I’m not going hunting for them). So I assure you can can relax…which doesn’t mean he gets to it often. Félix and Henri at one those pictures too, btw. If you find them shoot me a line ;-).


I’m serious: Charlotte Casiraghi is not pregnant. Gosh, if Charlotte’s had known what she’s doing she might not have shown up with that baby bump at the shower. Neither is Tatiana Santo Domingo, btw.

Andrea has made himself somewhat rare the past few weeks, but he’s still in Paris, doing his internship at the embassy of Qatar. So I suppose there’s no reason to show up, at the moment he should see to get his training finished so they can use him, sooner rather than later.

People, when you google for “prince of monaco naked” I do hope you mean the Casiraghi brothers and not Albert.

Which brings us to something that also was a query and thank you for that: Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre do not hold princely titles. They are descended from the Grimaldi dynasty through their mother, and the title of prince and princess was, at the time of their births, only hereditary by the male line, rather than the female. Prince Rainier could have given them princely titles, but all sources agree that Caroline didn’t want that. for good reason, too, because growing up a prince or princess puts way too many obstacles in your way, especially in a small country like Monaco. Further, they would have been members of the princely family of Monaco (which they are currently not, no matter if Andrea is heir to Caroline or not), which might have brought complication in terms of later inheritance from their father. Caroline and Stefano must have agreed on this pretty early on. As for Alexandra, she is a princess, but she’s a royal highness, rather than a serene highness, and she got the title from her father, rather than her mother. Prince Ernst August of Hanover is a royal highness as the heir to the duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Now, dynastically speaking (I know, annoying, blabla), the Monegasques should put Alexandra on the throne and let the line run through her, in another generation or two the houses won’t care that much that they were originally only princes. Won’t happen, but could be interesting.

As for Andrea’s status as heir to his mother, should it come to pass that he will be Prince of Monaco, he will adopt the name Grimaldi and be made that. Easy as that, really. Has lots to do with constitution and house law.


Someone else has noticed, I’m delighted! Yes, Carl Philip has put on a lot of muscle since spring. Not so much that it would be unnatural, but enough to make a difference. He looked pretty bad back in April, enough that I was a bit worried about his health, but since then he’s on a steady increase. I first really noticed a couple of weeks ago, when King Carl Gustaf was at the races with Per Gessle. CP had his arms over the rails in one picture and I was a bit woah. Good though, suits him well.

I refuse to talk about Sofia again, I think I’ve everything that needed to be said on Wednesday.

General stuff / Undefinable

Royals who wear sashes over their chest wear orders. When abroad, a royal will either wear the highest order of his own country that he had been presented with (by the sovereign) or the highest order of the country he is visited, that he has been presented with (by the sovereign). HGD Guillaume was wearing a Luxembourgian order at Princess Victoria’s wedding, while his father was wearing a Swedish one.
Orders are usually presented at state’s visits or the like (or upon marriage, see Prince Daniel) and consist usually of two parts: The sash and attached batch and a star to be pinned to the chest. When someone possess more than one order, they wear the sash of the highest one of the country of origin or the visited country (depending on what they have) and only the stars of the others. How the sash is worn (left to right or right to left) and where the star is pinned (most often left chest) depends on the specifications of the order.
Not only royals can have orders, but usually foreign politicians visiting are presented with the, too. Not only monarchies do have orders but most republics do, as well.

Fred and Princess Victoria are not only cousins but you can be sure that they have a sibling-relationship to each other. Vikkan has a younger brother in Carl Philip, but you can be sure she has older brothers in Frederik, Haakon and Willem-Alexander at the very least. Hurt her and you have three crown princes on your doorstep wanting to beat you within an inch of your life (that said, Daniel is a very very brave man).

And uh…jacobite leather waistcoat? Anyone want to enlighten me? (I’ve talked about Sophia’s theoretical Jacobite claim to the throne of Britain, but where does the waist coat come from? Several times, too Oo)

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Carl Philip Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

No, Carl Philip didn’t bring his lingerie model. His sister would have ripped his head off, and besides, he was busy being best friend to the groom and escorting his new sister-by-marriage.

But he looked positively edible. Dashing. Considering I’ve been worried a bit about him in recent months, because he had lost quite a bit of weight and generally didn’t look so good, this is a huge relief. And his behaviour was impeccable, I’m very much impressed. I might be a little enamoured at the moment *g*.

CP escorted Daniel from the Stockholm Royal Palace to the Cathedral to Stockholm (Cathedral of St Nikolai). You can see already that it was a good day for him and when he appeared on screen he looked so very happy, it almost rivalled Daniel.

CP and Daniel are generally getting along very well and we initially speculated he would definitely best man…before realizing that the Church of Sweden doesn’t operate according to that concept (growing up Catholic does not give you appreciation for the Lutheran way of doing things, sorry). Anyway, he wasn’t best man, but he did have an important part nonetheless. As those two are pretty good (best?) friends, the role he would play as that and as brother of the bride was a given, of course. I didn’t see too much of him during the ceremony, as Victoriawas always in front of him but from the few snatches you could see… Well.

Carl Philip is wearing the collar and badge of the Order of the Seraphim here, and this is the first time ever I’ve seen him wear the collar and not just the sash. The Order of the Seraphim is the highest order of the kingdom of Sweden and all members of the Swedish royal family (Daniel as well, as of his marriage, you will see the light blue sash and the star pinned to his chest later) are members or rather, knights of that order. All of those knights are allowed to wear the collar, but more commonly worn is the sash worn from right shoulder to left hip and the star pinned to the left chest. The sash is held in light blue, referred to as seraphim blue. As everyone else (well, every other monarch at least, including GD Henri for example) was wearing the collar, I guess they made CP wear it as well. That might have been a very good idea too, as his bow tie remained straight all through the ceremony and almost straight all through the banquet. Bravo! (More about the Seraphim order later, I’ll get those insignia up at some point -.-)

Wedding ceremonies in Sweden are normally such as the bride and groom enter the church together, it is supposed to show the free choice of those two people. There has been much controversy before the wedding day, as Victoria wanted to be given away by her father, for her own reasons at which I can very well guess but which I won’t be divulging on, and the compromise was that Victoria and Daniel met halfway down the asile. Vikkan was given away by her father and who was waiting with Daniel? Of course, Carl Philip.

My heart went out to both of them, really. I can easily imagine this was not only the happiest day in Daniel’s life, but also in CP’s. There’s this about him, the problem with publicity and the media and I think he was very worried about having to take care of succession. This is the biggest step towards eliminating that problem and it’s doing wonders. You’ll see what I mean in a moment. Also, if you had any doubts about how close these two are…

He’s looking straight into the camera! Whenever has the world seen something like that? Hold still, my heart.

(this last is after the marriage was sealed, I think that is the marriage certificate or something, I’m not sure. anyone?)

One could almost think he’s said that he has to give Daniel to his sister now, eh? ;-) Evil to him who evil thinks.

Also, Carl Philip my love, you’re starting to wrinkle when you’re really happy.

Lucky you’re absolutely gorgeous otherwise and the crow feet are actually adorable, as they’re a sign of happiness. Still not kicking him out of bed *licks*. Ahem.

Let’s hope he’s that happy more often, yes?

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Retrospect Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

First off, congratulations to the happily married couple!

Now, how shall we do this? If I want to post all the pictures that would warrant posting today, I wouldn’t finish, so essentially, I have material for a year or something ;-). I’ll go with what strikes my fancy at the time.

Also, as Lara and I were discussing it yesterday while watching the banquet, it may be high time to get all those royal orders straight, as everyone was out wearing them. I am not going to talk about tiaras or jewellery [much, as I snatched up some stuff from the Swedish commentators *g*] or even dresses too much. The dress code was white tie, so that’s what it comes down to, essentially. If you fancy tiaras, head over to Ella’s Mad Hattery, she does a wonderful job of it and actually knows what she’s talking about. I’ll add a few pieces of information about orders later, perhaps.

I’m currently crawling Belga for pictures, others to follow later and it’ll take a while to sort through all of them. However, we’ll start with a few essential things today and go from there, eh?

As I said, I loved Victoria’s dress. It was simple, beautiful and very her. It didn’t draw attention away from anything and she actually could move in the thing (aside from the train and veil, but that worked out pretty well).

The ceremony was beautiful, and this is what I like about the Scandinavians: This was essentially a family affair. When you can’t help being related to all the kings and queens and heir apparents, you might just as well make the most of it and that’s what the guests went with as well. Plenty of them had their own cameras and it was surprising neither Gustaf nor Carl Philip brought theirs. This is what you get from intermarriage, it is problematic because it limits the gene pool, but it’s great for festivities. I hope Prince Daniel will find his own place there.

Everyone else has been writing about the speeches delivered, so I won’t be repeating that. But if you’re still this much in love after almost a decade of being in a relationship, you deserve your happy end. And with this marriage I’m actually pretty certain it’ll hold. Fingers crossed and lets hope for a full regimen of children *g*.

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 2 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

First off, of course, congratulations to the newly wedded couple. Should have done that before but well *g*.

A few more observations (before we start in on the pictures later, eh?) that partly belong to the post from yesterday, but let’s roll with this, eh?

If one more reporter is speculating when Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock will finally tie the knot or how theirs will be the next royal wedding we’re seeing, I’m going to scream. Seriously. I’m sick of hearing it. Albert is over 50, and unlike what they said on tv, he has legitimate heirs, even though they’re not his own children. Since they established male-preference primogeniture, Caroline’s children are just as suitable as heirs as any of those Albert could father on Charlene. Period. I’m sure Charlene is super nice and would make a very good princess, but I’m not sure either of them want to do that to themselves. By the time Albert’s children were old enough he’d be way over 70.

Victoria said she didn’t care of they were engaged or not and he should just bring her along, so Albert did. I’m seriously annoyed by this speculation (and not because I want to see Andrea ruling the principality, I’m just sick of hearing it). Also, Albert might not be young anymore but he certainly stayed young at heart, so let’s include him. Also, he’s highly entertaining.

Also, I was actually really happy they dug up Roxette again last night *g* I had a terrible, terrible fall back into my early teenagehood when I heard The Look and I guess Vikkan and CP had a similar reaction (Madde, too). It was funny how all the royals went nuts over the performance, even the King sand Queens, while the rest of the older audience was a liiiitle bit confused.

We’re currently watching the guests arrive for the wedding banquet, which should be additionally interesting.

Did I already mention I loved Vikkan’s dress? *g* I must have.

I briefly saw our two Luxembourgian princes but when Guillaume walked the carpet (with the Yugoslawian crown princely couple no less), he didn’t warrant any mentioned (neither were the Yugoslawiens, btw). It’s quite sad, Luxembourg is one of our neighbours and the tv commentators don’t recognise them (okay, they did recognise Henri and María Teresa and if I hadn’t know Félix I wouldn’t have known him either but Guillaume? oh please) -.- even though they did know they exist, but they are on the guest list after all.


Princess Victoria’s wedding – Nuggets 1 Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

1. I loved loved loved the dress. So much. It was simple and pretty and just very much Victoria.

2. Carl Philip gave the groom away XD. I laughed so much. But CP looked almost happier than Daniel, I think he was so relieved and happy.

More and also pictures to follow later. Still watching footage. (Oh, and look: new princely tag ^^ which also means retiring the Daniel Westling tag.)