Not quite sure whether to laugh or cry Thursday, Apr 7 2011 

Sorry guys, I’m kinda busy lately (I don’t even get to answer most of my private mails, let alone keep up with things that are happening elsewhere), so blogging has had to take a step back.

But this even I couldn’t pass by:

William and Kate to share marital home with Harry

Yes, you read that right.

And it’s not just that they’re all three going to live in Clarence House, no. They’re to share an apartment. I mean, wtf? Little brother as the best contraceptive device or what?

Never will I understand these Brits.

Well, maybe that point is a moot one anyway, because our dear prince with the devil-may-care attitude is currently stranded in the Arctic.

Hmmmm. And the wedding is only 22 days away. Go Wills, and rescue your little brother (a hint: you could go MIA and take refuge in Argentina, I hear that works quite well; or maybe ask your royal peers for asylum).


Prince Harry on Pole Trek Monday, Mar 28 2011 

The Ginger portion of the brotherly couple is currently trekking to the North Pole with wounded soldiers. GQ sports his face on front and there’s a couple more pictures in there:

My, he’s dashing, isn’t he?

Harry’s conducted himself quite well recently, which is not surprising. The military has done him good and I’ve remarked on that before already. Interesting though that he does this stint. Theoretically speaking, I’m looking at the PR angle here, William should be the one doing such stuff. He’s going to be king and stuff like this sticks to people.

And Harry doesn’t really need the goodwill.

Harry will leave the group on April 5th, to to go back to his training before the wedding on the 29th.

To be expected… Monday, Feb 14 2011 

This was just a matter of time but for what it’s worth:

Royal wedding: Prince William chooses brother Harry to be his best man

I had a slight moment of panic when my too-exhausted brain erased the ‘be’ from the URL and suddenly Harry was married off to God knows who (Chelsy? Some Catholic exotic dancer? It IS Harry), but no, all is still well (err…as far as that’s possible).

I always knew Prince Harry wasn’t a 0 on the Kinsey scale Sunday, Feb 13 2011 

Oh, Harry.

Never change, I ♥ you too much.

Disclaimer: Actually, I really don’t care. For all that we know, Prince Harry is perfectly straight as far as his sexual conquests go. There’s plenty of pictures out there that show him affectionate and schmoozy with his male friends and that’s perfectly fine. And even if he was gay, he’s not the eldest prince, he can – theoretically – do with his life what he wants. Yes, really. While a gay prince would start a shit-storm, it would also boost the gay rights movement, and wouldn’t that be great? If everyone finally had equal rights in all areas?

On a sidenote, yes I could have written about him and Chelsy getting it on again,but everyone else has already done so anyway. And I say good riddance to them, I like Chelsy. She’s sensible, if nothing else. And I also have to congratulate them on their clever ploy (far more elaborate than what I might have thought of Harry, kudos to him).

I’ll say it slowly and in very simple words Sunday, Jan 9 2011 

…so that everyone involved may understand.

Dear Miss Middleton,

it is understandable you are smirking like a cat who got the cream. Although I do not envy you your position, but that was your decision. You will also have to bear the fallout.

However. You are not a celebrity. You are a future princess of the Realm. That is not the same, even though the media tries to make it out to be. You are not a celebrity who can do what she wants and not feel the repercussions. You have gotten away with flaunting your knickers, with attending sex parties and with not wearing underwear at all (please learn how to exit cars properly, I’m sick of looking at your lady parts). So far. But so far, you were just the bedwarmer of the future King of England. Bedwarmers can do that. Future princesses can not.

That said. This dress you were wearing to the most recent wedding

would have been appropriate for a celebrity. It would even have been appropriate for Charlotte Casiraghi, because she is more a socialite and celebrity than she is in line to the throne of Monaco.

But a see-through top (and not enough fabric to cover the knees, although that has been out of fashion recently) is not appropriate for a future princess. And although I’m sure someone has said it before: the dark eyeliner it not doing you any favours, you are looking OLD like that. Also, please put your hair up, or at least back, it’s annoying to have you fiddle around with it all the time and it’s not a good look for someone in your position.



Dear Harry,

under normal circumstances I might smack you over the head for looking there, but I think considering everything you know, it’s forgiveable. Hell, I would have looked there.





Dear Prince William,

the whole world is looking at you. Get your shit together and show up with your fiancée, leaving her alone so you and your mates can go to a pub and eat shepherd’s pie is a no go.

Are you thinking at all? Probably not.






And thank you, Miss Nicholl, for pointing out that Miss Middleton could use a few sandwiches.

Wills and Kate in marriage mode
Kate Middleton joins the future in-laws Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice at friends’ wedding
Hope you won’t wear black on April 29, Kate… and a few hearty meals might fill out your wedding dress

On a sidenote:

I know this should probably go into a separate post but hm I won’t do it.

Congratulations to the Prince Frederick and Princess Mary to the birth of the twins. I’m not convinced that is the weight sans placenta but ah whatever.

Also, I did receive two notifications about this from readers but: No, I won’t make a post about the recent tragedy to strike the House of Pahlavi. Because that would require more comprehensive posting about them to illustrate some things and this is too political. While I wouldn’t hesitate to do this in Europe, the situation in the middle east is not one I want the blog to get mixed up in. Sorry.

Search Queries #2 Tuesday, Aug 3 2010 

Another round of queries. You wouldn’t believe how many people want to see naked royals *shakes head*.

For the most part I don’t have completely accurate measurements, especially for the likes of someone like Carl Philip, but here a few tendencies and rough estimates:
Prince Carl Philip: is small for a Scandinavian male, which is probably due to the fact that he’s not very Scandinavian by blood (the House of Bernadotte had only one or two Queens who had Swedish roots, the rest are foreigners, German, British, French etc.). Estimates are between 1,73 m and 1,76 m (do your own foot and inch calculations, I’m metric). Considering his sisters are always wearing heels next to him and CP is vain enough to have his own heels a little higher than normal, it’s hard to guess. But as his girlfriends have always been smaller than him, they must have been really tiny tiny. But yeah, 1,75 m is a good estimate for him.

Prince William is between 1,90 m and 1,92 m, estimates differ. But he’s tall. Prince Harry is maybe 2-3 cm smaller than his brother, still one of the taller ones out there.

Andrea Casiraghi falls into that category as well, with 1,90 m to 1,93 m. His brother Pierre is a few centimetres shorter, but not much. All things considered, it doesn’t really matter.

HGD Guillaume has not inherited a lot of his father’s height, he’s closer to Carl Philip with I’d say 1,76 m, maybe 1,78 m tops. Prince Félix has had more luck, he’s taller than his brother, about 1,85 m I’d say. No guarantees though.

Prince Amedeo (who I think hasn’t been a search query so far but as I was talking about him anyway…) is freakishly tall as well, ranging high up there with the 1,90 m gang. He also has a pronounced slouch when he’s with his family, because save for Joachim and Lorenz, they’re all considerably smaller.

Any more you’d like to know?

As for HGD Guillaume being able to marry a Muslim woman…honestly I have no idea. Gut feeling says no, as the House of Nassau-Weilburg is decidedly Catholic since a few generations back, but I don’t know how that relates exactly to the laws of succession. They do not, like GB, have a code that a spouse has to convert into a specific faith prior to the marriage, and Astrid of the Belgians has only later converted from Church of Sweden (which is Lutheran) to the Catholic denomination, but I have no idea how that would relate as to a completely non-Christian faith, sorry. Would be interesting to know, though, maybe Luxarazzi (tender of the Lëtzebuerg blog and usually very well informed) can make a comment as to that regard?

As for suitable brides for Prince William… Suitable how? Royal? If you don’t count on religious denominations (which are changeable) you can take Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Theodora, Princess Madeleine, and a few Archduchesses into account, as well as some of the as-of-today defunct monarchies in Germany, Italy and the Balkans. The most suitable of those (taking into account religious faith, lack of incest within her own family, lack if incest with the British royal family and the necessary spine to stand up to the Commonwealth) is probably Madeleine, although good luck convincing her of Wills. I suppose you can sooner make CP and Wills go gay with each other before you get Madde to shoulder that particular criss on her shoulders.

I also don’t think that HGD Guillaume and Princess Madeleine will hit it off, despite the fact that they probably know each other pretty well and Aftonbladet has speculated into that direction before as well. Looking at Madde, I don’t think she’d be happy in a such decidedly Catholic monarchy.

Whatever did you want to tell me with hereditary grand duke pin up anyway? I can probably offer a few shots of him in swimming trunks, but that’s about it. And those are a good few years older as well.

Oh and Prince Félix isn’t tingling my gaydar one little bit. While that, of course, doesn’t mean much I have my doubts. Really.

For all I know Princess Mette-Marit is not pregnant again. The woman is 37 years old and has 3 children, cut her a break. The succession is more than taken care of, I doubt she and Haakon want more (unless an accident happens, we’ve had a few of those in the last generation already *waves to Caroline and Astrid*).

There seems to be an interest in seeing our current Queens (Margrethe, Sofia) young is that right? I could probably try to track down pictures…

That seems to be largely it for the moment…

Looks like Prince William is not only losing his hair Saturday, Jul 10 2010 

Charity polo game today for the British princes and people were out in full force.

Well, at least William, Harry and Miss Middleton were.

We all know that Prince William is slowly losing his hair, I’ve pointed that out more than once already and it gets all the more obvious the more often you see the brothers together.

NewsBiscuit has been very mean a while ago as to that regard:

‘Being in the public eye so much, William can’t simply vanish off to a Swiss clinic for six months intensive carpet-fitting,’ Wright explains, ‘and then there are the side effects. What is the least worst option; a prince with a glittering noggin or a prince with pendulous man breasts?’
When asked if Prince Harry was also worried about the curse of the male Windsors, a palace spokesperson said, ‘We are not concerned about Harry as he has a full head of hair, like his dad.’

Ahem ;-). Still not speculating about Harry’s parentage btw, just pointing out satire.

But William’s slowly balding scalp isn’t what made me blink when Lara first sent me the pictures. Because that William is losing his hair is a well know, well established fact but that his girlfriend is slowly vanishing does give reason for concern.

Because what really did it were the images from Miss Middleton. As everyone knows who’s been reading this blog for a little while, I’m not fond of her, but I’m certainly not wishing her ill. I don’t know her, I have no reason to. But these pictures have me want to make her a sandwich or buy her a pizza or something.

I remember a time not long ago when Miss Middleton had breasts, hips and well rounded ankles. And omg, those knees. She must have dropped more than 5 kilos over the early summer and that’s not something to be taken lightly, considering she wasn’t exactly fat before. Miss Middleton, by all rights, is not a tiny type to start with, she should have a figure more like Princesses Victoria or Madeleine (which is not a bad thing, give me those two over Princess Letitzia any day, those two at least look healthy and resilient), but this? Scares me.

Seriously, girl, being a princess is not worth it. And some guy is not worth it either, even if he is a prince.

Bah. Scary.

The royal world of football Sunday, Jul 4 2010 

No, I haven’t forgotten this blog of course. But between the hellish weather, my workload, football and whatever else life decides to throw at me, I’ve simply not had the time.

I’m aware I still haven’t worked through all the wedding guests I wanted but well ^^;

Anyway, football. You can draw me in about every two years, simply by the fact that if I don’t watch it, I’m the odd one out in the circles I move in, so watching it is pretty much a survival mechanism for me. Four years ago we had the World Cup here in the country and since then…people are crazy. And this year, after so many of the players dropped out prior to the actual start due to injuries, no one really believed things could turn out well…and now we’re in for half-finals. Huh.

But this isn’t about me, right? Things is, football is immensely popular all through Europe, and royalty is no exclusion, naturally.

I already showed you Freddles and Willem Alexander in one post and William and Harry in another.

And I’m sure England would have done better if Wills and Harry would have stayed around to watch more games! But no, Wills had to go and become the most junior members of the Royal Society of Britain and Harry had to go off to NY and throw the first ball at a Metz game (at least he left 50 minutes in to watch Ghana declass the US *g*).

The Netherlands have done quite well during the competition and I’m fully expecting to see Willem-Alexander again at the half-finals. At least now they won’t have to play Argentina, because that could have become interesting in the house of Nassau-Orange, what with Màxima being from Argentina ^^.

Considering this blog, it should be clear here my loyalties lie with that game, but! I have developed a soft spot for the Urus. And not (only ;-P) because striker Diego Forlán looks like Andrea Casiraghi. The Urus are also such cute cuddlers after goals. *sigh* My loyalties aren’t divided, they clearly lie with Uruguay. Sorry, Netherlands, but there’s natural rivalry between you and us.

Now, what will happens if we’ll see a game Germany vs. Uruguay I don’t know.

Anyway, when Germany beat Argentina yesterday, it seems we had another royal spectator:

Carl Philip! And looking good *drool*. Ahem. :-)

Funnily enough, Lara said she saw Charleze during half-time break and she was alone. But maybe our prince just needed a bathroom break ^^.

It’s nice. Now, I’m the last who will be drawing conclusions as to what CP is doing with South African Hollywood actress Charleze Theron, for the simply reason that she’s a) not his type and b) way out of his league, due to the simply fact that she’s famous. If he started anything with her he wouldn’t get out of the limelight anymore and he won’t want that. Still, it’s interesting, especially as CP does have his charities but all of those are in Sweden. Now, with Charleze – who is active in the fight against HIV in her home country – he could have a foot in the door to Africa, the same continent where Princes William and Harry have been active for years.

Network in the making, perhaps?

So, let’s hope he got to chatting with her at some point *g*.

I’m glad to see he’s looking so good, and I suppose he won’t have been in South Africa simply for that one game (Expressen says it was a private visit rather than an official one), so we might see him again at the half-finals and finals, which would be nice ^^. There would be enough time before Victoriadagen at the 14th for him to see all the games.

I’m definitely amused *g*.

A royal breakup: Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Tuesday, Jun 22 2010 

Unfortunately, it looks like the NotW was right this time, because The Telegraph is carrying the story, too. Meh.

I actually wanted to do a post on Astrid and Lorenz as well as Naruhito at Vikkan’s wedding but as the deluge of comments I seem to have spawned with my post two days ago, it seems I will have to elaborate a little more.

Which also brings me to this: People, you may be on the internet, but that does not give you the right to be derogative, to insult me or anyone I write about or to flame and wank. At least not on YHR. Even if you don’t like people (or me or whatever) that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be courteous enough to at least use people’s names. So please, if you comment, do it properly or don’t do it at all [at least here].

Dear Harry, if the Telegraph has the truth of it, you’re an idiot. Sorry, I like you, but that’s the truth.

And I do like Harry. His one major flaw is that he’s a playboy (maybe, maybe not in the sexual context, I’m not one to say), but with the RAF he has found something that’s totally up his alley and that he can devout his time and energy to, something worth working for. And at least he has fun, right?

As for Chelsy, of course she’s rich (or rather, her family is), but that’s hardly her fault, is it? And being rich doesn’t automatically give you good grades (believe me, I was in school with a couple of snobs and not all of them did well) or give you the will to work for what you’re achieving. And she is working. She also has it right, even if she would have stayed with Harry, even if she had agreed to spending her life cutting ribbons, at least she would have done something. It’s what distinguishes her from Miss Middleton, in part.

All the royal wives and girlfriends (or husbands and boyfriends, lets think of Prince Daniel, too), even Princess Mary (who I’m not overly fond of), have worked real jobs before they married or been engaged otherwise in activities that would aid them in their future role. Certainly, that in part was because prior to their marriage they were commoners and often wouldn’t have dreamed about ending up with a trunk full of tiaras one day, but that’s beside the point. And when you’re young enough not to “have to” work in your trained job / chosen profession, that at least do something else. Charity, for example.

Considering that Miss Middleton has quit her (alibi) job (at her parents’) to be in North-Wales more or less permanently, well. Do the math. (Dear William, I hope you won’t climb the walls after a month.)

Anyway, I totally get where Miss Davy was coming from though, after a fashion. But she’s also young enough still to make that decision and it’s admirable that she’s so sure of what she doesn’t want out of life. Think of what life as a princess (of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth) means before you start condemning people for making decision about their own life. You’re free to make yours, why shouldn’t they, when they’re not duty-bound already?

[And yes, you could argue that the same is true for William and Miss Middleton. For various reasons though, which have a lot to do with responsibilities and places in succession and the presence of feelings, it isn’t the same situation.]

A royal breakup Monday, Jun 21 2010 

It was just a matter of time after she initially said she wanted a real carrier rather than having a job as princess, but it seems Chelsy Davy, long time on-and-off girlfriend of Prince Harry, has finally drawn the line.

That is, at least, what the News of the World is reporting. Now we all know how reliable the NotW is, so I’m not giving up hope just yet.

Chelse would be a huge loss, in any case, I had big hopes for her (that did not at all include taming Harry).

Not that I can’t understand her, I wouldn’t want to be a princess either, but considering she was actually sensible and hard working not willing to settle for a life of cutting ribbons made me root for those two.

Harry, you better don’t disappoint me but get yourself a new sensible girlfriend within the next two years. And ask her if she has an equally sensible friend for your brother, would you?

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