Ongoing trouble for Prince Laurent Sunday, Apr 10 2011 

I’m just going to put these articles here as links, this is as much as an overview for me as it is for you (and somewhere for me to have them all in place). Kudos to Marlene from Royal Musings for collecting them in the first place. If you go to her blog, she has some pretty nice commentary on them as well.

It’s King Vs Prince in Belgium’s Battle Royale

Belgian king angry over son’s Congo trip: palace

Belgium to set ‘strict new rules’ for Prince Laurent, or else he could lose his royal stipend

Belgian PM to lay down law to errant prince

Under fire, Belgian prince agrees to play by the rules


Belgian National Day and other afflictions Tuesday, Aug 3 2010 

Promised, didn’t I?

The Belgians had their National Day the other week and I was really hoping the kids would be out in full force. Sadly, they weren’t :-(. Still, a few glimpses were possible and I can use this to introduce two more princes (and a princess).

From left to right: His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Joachim of Austria, Prince of Belgium (as the Austrian throne is defunct and only exists in form of its dynasty anymore, he will be labelled as Prince Joachim from now on, as he is a member of the Belgian royal family), His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Lorenz of Austria, Prince of Belgium (Joachim’s father who is quite high up in the Austrian succession and as I recently learned has quite a few dynastic ideas, and yes I haven’t forgotten I wanted to post about dynastic power, I’ll get to that, but for us here he is Archduke Lorenz, as that was his title before being granted the Prince of Belgium in 1991), Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess Astrid of Austria, Princess of Belgium (Joachim’s mother Princess Astrid, since she is a born princess of Belgium and she acts as such rather than as Archduchess of Austria), Princess Claire (wife to Prince Laurent), Prince Laurent (youngest son of King Albert II; there’s probably stuff to say about Laurent and Claire but I haven’t been reading up on them, especially Laurent as there was a scandal, too much, so I’ll just cover the bases by saying: they exists and here they are.).

Gotta love a princess in uniform. You go, Astrid!

Generally speaking, Princess Astrid is a bit…different (make whatever you want of that but look at her dress and hattery choices at royal wedding sat some point, at Vikkan’s she was quite conventional), but I suppose you have to be in order to marry a Habsburg. Even though I’ve heard speculation that this was a half arranged marriage.

Prince Joachim is only just 18 years old, but the puppy protection is off now and mama drags him out to be official. You can see how happy he is about it.

Joachim has two older siblings (and two younger siblings *g*) and I suppose him and me both were hoping his older brother, Prince Amedeo (yes, with e and not a; the name Amedeo stems from the side of Lorenz’ mother, who was a Savoy and the oldest sons of the main line are often called Amedeo there), would take the honours of sitting next to his parents (for Joachim that would have meant not having to play royal, for me that would have meant getting another glimpse at Amedeo, after more than a year *g*). Sadly, he didn’t.

I can’t even tell you if he was there or not. After all, there was a military parade going on and he might have well been part of that.

Why? Oh, well. For one, and it needed Lara to point me to that, this is the proud mama-wave:

And for two, it would make quite a lot of sense.

Astrid was the first of King Albert’s (back then still Prince Albert) children to have children of her own, back on the 80’s. Amedeo is 24 years old, born in 1986, long before Prince Philippe (not Crown Prince then) was even thinking about marrying anyone, let alone to have children of his own. By the time Amedeo was old enough to be sent away to school, everyone must have been worried about the state of succession, which might be one reason for the royal decree of 1991, abolishing agnatic primogeniture and granting Astrid’s children (and her husband) titles of princes and princesses of Belgium. Amedeo was raised as heir presumptive to Philippe, the whole works with boarding school in England, military officer academy in Belgium, etc etc.

(Poor love *pats him*.)

This image is from the 2005 National Day Military Parade, so he just might have been part of the one this year as well, in the same capacity you see here. And yes, the hat is awful.

Anyway, Philippe did marry and had children after all, freeing Amedeo to get out of the royal circuit. I suppose Astrid wasn’t too happy about this, even though it was her who always tried to keep her children out of the limelight. One reason why I’m thinking this is because Amedeo applied to the London School of Economics (LSE) under false name and was admitted under a pseudonym. These days, he’s living in New York, working for Deloitte and running marathons.

Lorenz occasionally joins him, btw.

The most recent picture, aside from the marathon one, I have of him is this:

(Amedeo with his parents and his sister, Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess Maria Laura of Austria, Princess of Belgium.)

It’s from sometime last year as well and while I quite enjoy seeing him in jeans and leather jacket, I wouldn’t have minded a few more glimpses at him from National Day footage.

As for Joachim, he’s next in line to succeed anything from Lorenz after Amedeo, and I suppose he’s praying to whatever power there is that it won’t hit him, if his facial expressions are any indication.

Amedeo himself will inherit the title Duke of Modena, additional to being head of the House of Austria-Este. If he is really really unlucky he’s next in line to the headship to the House of Habsburg-Lorraine (that has to do with dynastic power plays, as there is a quite loud discussion running if a certain marriage is morganaic or not, if it was, the headship would fall to Lorenz, with his sons next in line, but I guess I’ll talk about that in the dynastic power post rather than here, especially as Habsburg House Law is not my forte). All of that doesn’t mean he’s going to live a public life, unless he marries into a ruling House somewhere (or is married off, the way his life has been pre-planned until he got himself admitted to LSE suggests he’s not going to come away lightly), but it does mean that he might have a bigger rile (dynastically speaking) and more weight (in the royal circuit) than he probably wants.

Wait and see?