Wedding of Prince Nikolaos #1 Wednesday, Aug 25 2010 

Posting in bits of pieces (and hotlinking, will put pictures on wordpress tomorrow or something).

Dear Theodora, if you came to get a husband, go girl!

Theodora and Philippos

Rawr. I tell you, if I was into girls? Damn.

I’m not sure Carl Philip is convinced of his sister’s dress.

CP and Madde


Bernadottejubileum 200 years Saturday, Aug 21 2010 

The Bernadotte family is now on the throne of Sweden 200 years.

They celebrated in Örebro, and this marked Prince Daniel’s very first official appointment (aside from his wedding).


But uhm…someone told Carl Philip that he and Daniel aren’t the married couple here, yes?

Seriously boys, get a room…

Good to see Vikkan having a few kilos more now, after all the wedding stress and stuff. And she can wear it, I rather have a princess with a healthy weight than what some other crown princesses are offering us these days *shudder*.

Madde was surprisingly simple dressed for the occasion.

Okay so anyone know why Carl Philip was so happy today? He was smiling and waving at the photographers all by himself and without obvious prompting and toe-stepping! Maybe his sisters drugged him?

Search Queries CW 31 Sunday, Aug 8 2010 

[That’s Calender Week 31, for those wondering.]

So it looks like this will be a weekly or bi-weekly thing to do. Fun ^^.

What surprises me is the sudden increase of interested in the Benelux royalty, especially Luxembourg and Belgium. While I’ve been blogging about the Luxers for a while yet, the last two weeks have seen practically plastered with them. Is it the increase in ‘public’ attention or what? If it were searched in German or French I’d be less surprised, but something seems to be going on I’m unaware of.

Ah well.

But first things first: I will not, never and under no circumstances post the nude pictures of Sofia Hellqvist to the blog. While I don’t know which set of pictures Slitz has bought, I can say that yes, I’ve seen some in which she was completely undressed, as well as bikini pictures that I hadn’t seen so far (and which left little to the imagination). However, these pictures were taken before she took up with Prince Carl Philip (if indeed she did and this is not an elaborate ruse, after all), and I see no reason to publicise them. These were taken before her life took a turn towards maybe-princess and while she can’t wipe them off any and all hard drives, I’ll not aid in getting them out there. She, as well as CP, has a right to that much privacy.

Now, it may seem like hypocrisy, as I’ve posted paparazzi shots of Pierre and Andrea Casiraghi before, and would not stop at doing the same for e.g. Princes Harry, William, Freddles or whoever, but the difference is: they know they’re interesting to the public at the time the pictures are taken, there is no reason they could not stay dressed or go below deck / inside for changing clothes. Miss Hellqvist could not know she would be quite interesting in this way to the public one day, at the time those pictures were taken, and she has taken every precaution to make herself scarce after things took up between her and CP.

Sorry, there’s definite limits to what I’ll do.

As for how tall Miss Hellqvist is, think optimistic 1,75 m for Carl Philip and go down from there. I’d say 1,50 m, 1,55 m. Very maybe 1,60 m, but doubt it. She’s tiny.

Yep, Prince Félix of Luxembourg has a girlfriend, but no surprise there, really. Her name’s Claire, and if you really need to know more, you’re free to google. There’s places which offer quite comprehensive information, but YHR is not it. The amount of Félix’ public duties is limited, and officially he’s still a student. Neither of them is flaunting their relationship to the public, and there’s no reason to assume any kind of scandal at this point. Could be interesting in the months to come though, especially as he should be finishing up his studies at some point this year. Spares are much more fun than the heirs.

Mh. Not royal but as it shows up anyway and I’m fond enough of him: Yep, Diego Forlán has a girlfriend. Her name’s Zaira Nara and she’s an Argentinian model. They make a cute couple. Rumour is he’s proposed to her, not nothing from the man about that yet, so I can’t tell.

Yep, Pierre Casiraghi smokes, so does his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, his uncle’s fiancée… For the first three, they’ve been doing that for a lot of years already, you can find pictures of Pierre and Andrea smoking from pretty much all years since they’re majors…and probably even a few from before that. Aside from wanting to slap them for it, nothing much I can so.

Princess Madeleine has participated in show jumping competitions under the alias Anna…something. Svensson, I think. She’s not doing that anymore, but she was quite good, I think. These days, I usually have an eye out for her alias and for Charlotte Casiraghi as well as Princess Nathalie (who is a successful dressage competitor) when I catch competitions. Not much luck, yet.

Seriously, people, if I had the address of Prince William’s cottage in North Wales, don’t you think I’d have written a good long letter and ranted at him yet? Or better yet, flown up and given him a piece of my mind in person, could have visited my Welsh friend on the western coast in the same instant. I’m not interested in having the address either, or would any of you want tea with Miss Middleton and make polite conversation? But it can’t be that hard to find out, how many remote cottages in North Wales will have uniformed and armed guards outside of them? You know William’s home base, you know the harbour town closest to the cottage, go digging. Remember though: That’s considered stalking. Want to risk a run-in with the Royalty Protection Department? Think twice.

Is Prince Félix of Luxembourg losing his what? Hair? Virginity? *eg* I hope he’s lost that one a while ago, the man’s 26, after all. And I doubt it about the hair, while he does appear to have a receding hairline, he and HGD Guillaume both have looked like that for years and it’s not growing. Actually, Guillaume had them and the side parting at the age of two already, it was quite adorable. So no worries there.

Princess Madeleine is no longer engaged, I’d thought that had transpired to everyone already. She’s broken up with the lying, cheating scumbag and according to various media outlets, he’s the most hated man in all of Sweden. Hard to do, in a country like Sweden.

Yes, for all I know Prince Amedeo is still working for Deloitte, however as he is not that interesting to the media, no press reports or anything about him recently. Good for him. I also don’t know if he has a girlfriend in New York, but he just might. And good for him he can keep a relationship private, that’s more than a lot of other royals can manage. I really wish him he’s gotten out of the royal circuit for good and can live his life in peace, despite being an Imperial and Royal Highness. I’d rather have him have a peaceful life and see more of them, truth be told.

Also, no idea if Prince Joachim has a girlfriend. As I said, Princess Astrid is sheltering her children, and that’s good.

Yeah, I’ll be covering the wedding of Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, at least in pieces. I still need to see about getting any media outlets. That was easier with Vikkan :-/.

Seriously, Princess Madeleine and HGD Guillaume? While Aftonbladet had a piece on that a while ago and while it would make sense age- and breeding-wise…. Hmmm no. Forcing Madeleine into the corset of rules that is the Catholic Church, I don’t think so. I’m sure they actually do get along, but this is no romance I want to see happing. They’d make a splendid pair and have pretty babies but….no. Besides, she’d have him for breakfast.

As far as I’m aware, there is no history of twins within Crown Princess Mary’s family. While it was stressed that this was a natural conception, I doubt it was without the aid of chemicals. Ovulation inducing drugs and the like. The fact of twins speak for that, as well as Princess Mary’s advanced age and the fact that she’s so…thin.

Okay now, anyone want to tell me what’s up with the sudden interest in the Belgians and Luxers? Because I’ve covered the wedding and nothing since and suddenly this week I get searches for everyone who’s over the age of 18 and unmarried from the Grand Ducal Family and the family of Archduke Lorenz and Princess Astrid? Is anyone looking for a prince or princess of marriageable age? Did something happen that I simply missed? Is it because of the National Days recently (well, not quite so recent for Lux but…)? Not that I mind, but it is a little weird, especially as most of those, including Lorenz and Astrid, are not very media-present, usually.

Search Queries #2 Tuesday, Aug 3 2010 

Another round of queries. You wouldn’t believe how many people want to see naked royals *shakes head*.

For the most part I don’t have completely accurate measurements, especially for the likes of someone like Carl Philip, but here a few tendencies and rough estimates:
Prince Carl Philip: is small for a Scandinavian male, which is probably due to the fact that he’s not very Scandinavian by blood (the House of Bernadotte had only one or two Queens who had Swedish roots, the rest are foreigners, German, British, French etc.). Estimates are between 1,73 m and 1,76 m (do your own foot and inch calculations, I’m metric). Considering his sisters are always wearing heels next to him and CP is vain enough to have his own heels a little higher than normal, it’s hard to guess. But as his girlfriends have always been smaller than him, they must have been really tiny tiny. But yeah, 1,75 m is a good estimate for him.

Prince William is between 1,90 m and 1,92 m, estimates differ. But he’s tall. Prince Harry is maybe 2-3 cm smaller than his brother, still one of the taller ones out there.

Andrea Casiraghi falls into that category as well, with 1,90 m to 1,93 m. His brother Pierre is a few centimetres shorter, but not much. All things considered, it doesn’t really matter.

HGD Guillaume has not inherited a lot of his father’s height, he’s closer to Carl Philip with I’d say 1,76 m, maybe 1,78 m tops. Prince Félix has had more luck, he’s taller than his brother, about 1,85 m I’d say. No guarantees though.

Prince Amedeo (who I think hasn’t been a search query so far but as I was talking about him anyway…) is freakishly tall as well, ranging high up there with the 1,90 m gang. He also has a pronounced slouch when he’s with his family, because save for Joachim and Lorenz, they’re all considerably smaller.

Any more you’d like to know?

As for HGD Guillaume being able to marry a Muslim woman…honestly I have no idea. Gut feeling says no, as the House of Nassau-Weilburg is decidedly Catholic since a few generations back, but I don’t know how that relates exactly to the laws of succession. They do not, like GB, have a code that a spouse has to convert into a specific faith prior to the marriage, and Astrid of the Belgians has only later converted from Church of Sweden (which is Lutheran) to the Catholic denomination, but I have no idea how that would relate as to a completely non-Christian faith, sorry. Would be interesting to know, though, maybe Luxarazzi (tender of the Lëtzebuerg blog and usually very well informed) can make a comment as to that regard?

As for suitable brides for Prince William… Suitable how? Royal? If you don’t count on religious denominations (which are changeable) you can take Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Theodora, Princess Madeleine, and a few Archduchesses into account, as well as some of the as-of-today defunct monarchies in Germany, Italy and the Balkans. The most suitable of those (taking into account religious faith, lack of incest within her own family, lack if incest with the British royal family and the necessary spine to stand up to the Commonwealth) is probably Madeleine, although good luck convincing her of Wills. I suppose you can sooner make CP and Wills go gay with each other before you get Madde to shoulder that particular criss on her shoulders.

I also don’t think that HGD Guillaume and Princess Madeleine will hit it off, despite the fact that they probably know each other pretty well and Aftonbladet has speculated into that direction before as well. Looking at Madde, I don’t think she’d be happy in a such decidedly Catholic monarchy.

Whatever did you want to tell me with hereditary grand duke pin up anyway? I can probably offer a few shots of him in swimming trunks, but that’s about it. And those are a good few years older as well.

Oh and Prince Félix isn’t tingling my gaydar one little bit. While that, of course, doesn’t mean much I have my doubts. Really.

For all I know Princess Mette-Marit is not pregnant again. The woman is 37 years old and has 3 children, cut her a break. The succession is more than taken care of, I doubt she and Haakon want more (unless an accident happens, we’ve had a few of those in the last generation already *waves to Caroline and Astrid*).

There seems to be an interest in seeing our current Queens (Margrethe, Sofia) young is that right? I could probably try to track down pictures…

That seems to be largely it for the moment…

Victoriadagen 2010 Thursday, Jul 15 2010 

This year, Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday celebrations had to take place without her, as she is still honeymooning with Prince Daniel. But never fear, as she has a duty-bound younger brother who has been taking her place yesterday.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Princess Madeleine also showed up. This wasn’t in her official schedule, but it was good to see her nonetheless!

Prince Carl Philip left his usual Victoriadagen-suit (a less than flattering beige-brown thing he’s been wearing for at least five years to these celebrations) at home and at first I was plenty happy with this, as he’s not even wearing one of his equally terrible ties.

That is, until I got a closer look and what he is wearing there and either he paid a visit to Monaco and looted Andrea’s closet or he dove into Gustaf’s old chests and retrieved clothes from the 80’s, because I have no other ways to explain this:

It is chequered. And it has gold buttons! *shakes him* Why, oh why didn’t Madde keep you from wearing this?? Dear CP, we need to talk about your wardrobe at some point (what I wonder is, did Emma throw everything out once and he just kept buying this stuff and it’s all new now? *sigh). But well, at least the dress shirt is quite flattering.

The fact that he’s back to his Antonio Banderas looks doesn’t sit so well with me though. Less gel, deary, you’re looking much more lovely during your gel-free racing weekends.

Not his best look. Also he’s sweating quite a bit and while it’s been hot hot hot in central Europe and even Finland saw 30 centigrades, Sweden has been considerably cooler these last few days, so I don’t really have any explanation for this. *pats him* Ah CP, what to do with you?

But as it looks he will at least age nicely, I’m looking forward to the next ten years at least. Rawr.

Princess Victoria’s wedding – Madeleine Sunday, Jun 20 2010 

The press was mightily surprised that Madeleine decided to come to the wedding.

And I have no idea why.

Seriously, no matter what has happened, this wedding has been set for over a year, did anyone really think Madeleine would miss this for the world? This is her older sister getting married, even if your lying and cheating bastard of a fiancé betrayed you, you don’t miss something like this! Madde is a beautiful, young and certainly strong woman and this day, her sister is the main person. People might ask, but not pressure. Besides, this was a day for her to meet the rest of her family as well.

Beautiful dress. She’s too tanned though, which is a bit sad :( but otherwise she’s looking beautiful

Here I actually know what tiara she’s wearing, as the Swedish commentators kept repeating it; this is Princess Sibylla’s tiara, she was King Carl XVI Gustaf’s mother and died before he ascended the throne of breast cancer. The sash and badge she’s wearing (along with the grand star) is the Order of the Seraphim as well, which all members of the Swedish royal family are members of.

Sadly, Madde will be going back to America to work for the World Childhood Foundation after all the festivities are done with. I can understand that and I think it’s great she’s found something that seems to suit her with the work in Queen Silvia’s foundation, but it also means we won’t get to see her a lot. But I think it was just as important for Victoria that her sister was there as it was for Madeleine.

With the rumours about Jonas cropping up left and right, that he actually got one of his affairs pregnant, I wouldn’t be staying in Sweden either though, if I were her. So it is with a smiling and a crying eye that I watch her go her way. She’ll return eventually, I’m rather sure of that, but in the meantime…

Remember I posted Carl Philip standing on her dress the other day? I think she almost beat him with her purse for that *g*.

Ah CP, you might be edible, but you’re a klutz at this.

Love Madde though. She’s also holding on to her brother when she thinks he might start making a run for it. I don’t have a picture of it exactly but there’s a scene from the day before yesterday, before the gala performance, when she and CP are turning around to Silvia and Gustaf and you can see on the video how she’s splaying her hand along he forearm to keep her brother put. She knows him *g*.

(Look at her hand on his arm.)

She got to keep King Abdullah of Jordania company last night during the dinner, and they had an animated discussion indeed. Queen Rania and King Abdullah are guesting in Sweden more often than say, the Brits are, and there are friendly connections there indeed. One of the few royals the Swedes aren’t related to who were in attendance yesterday, so that was extra special as well.

Madde, I’ll miss you. Make your brother and your knew brother-in-law kick that idiot who cheated on you but good, I tell you. That’s what brothers are for.

Princess Victoria’s Wedding -1d Friday, Jun 18 2010 

The pre-wedding celebrations have been going on since yesterday, but yesterday there only was a private dinner with friends of Victoria’s, Daniel’s and Madeleine’s and heirs to the thrones of Europe. (Mette-Marit was wearing a stunning dress while I wasn’t so fond of Mary of Denmark…)

Today was a full program already, there was a semi-private lunch, a dinner and this evening there is a theatre gala performance (watching that one right now, highly entertaining just for the red carpet).

After Carl Philip almost made his sister fall (and almost got her naked in front of all the world to see as well) at Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday, there was another round of long dresses today. He didn’t get another chance though, as Daniel was escorting his fiancée today.

Daniel bringing the train of the dress back in order so she can walk up the steps properly. I’m not that fond of the dress (looks like a flokati rug…), but it’s the gesture that counts, right?

I’ve got to say, she’s trained him really well. Actually, if he pulled through yesterday and today, I don’t think she’d ever have to worry about the fact that he’ll get cold feet.

And Carl Philip, who I may remind you has been born a prince and has been his sisters’ escort for the past 30 years…

Look at where his feet are. (Not that fond of Madde’s dress either, but she can wear it.)

(In his defence, he’s a good younger brother, too, look here:

So as I said, I’m watching the gala performance right now (a concert more than theatre), and I’ve seen some of the red carpet of the previous functions today and some of the dinner.

Prince Félix of Luxembourg is wearing his hair longer again, about as long as two or three years ago, which I think suits him better than the buzz cut he had last time anyone got to see him. He almost nodded off in the middle of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s speech, which was somehwta amusing. He sat at one table with Alexia of Greece and Denmark and Charlene Wittstock (Prince Albert’s girlfriend). He also kept slurping his coffee during the speech *slap*. I guess they seated him together with all the people they didn’t know what to do about.

I didn’t see HGD Guillaume until they seated everyone at the theatre (or I might have seen him on a picture from this noon but I’m not exactly sure) and we already thought he was missing. But never fear, he’s there! Sitting next to Princess Mathilde of Belgium, actually, joking around with her. Which is quite reassuring and lovely, as those two better get along (Philippe too, of course).

That said, I have no idea why the Grand Ducal couple brought Felix as well. Not that I mind! I love seeing Félix but… Well it’s weird. Unless Guillaume decides he’s either not taking the throne or there’s too much work going around for three people, he doesn’t really have a reason to attend official events. Now, of course, Luxembourg is a small country but Henri, MT and Guillaume are pulling quite a lot of work by themselves so that’s entirely possible. Guillaume not succeeding? Unlikely.

The seating at the theatre is quite interesting too, especially if you can watch the icy looks Mary of Denmark (who looks naked, almost) and Letitzia of Spain (who is way hot in red) are shooting back and forth (they’re sitting next to one another), while there’s a merry round with the Crown Princely couple of the Netherlands and Norway as well as Prince Albert (of Monaco) and Charlene Wittstock.

Princess Madeleine has her seat behind her parents, next to King Konstantin II of Greece, who just might be trying to sell Philippos to her (even though he really is too young for her), judging by her amused expression. Prince Carl Philip is next to her, behind Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik.

I don’t know where Grand Duke Henri, María Teresa and Félix ended up but they have to be somewhere.

It seems the King and Queens are all grouped together (well, I haven’t seen Henri but I suppose he has to be around somewhere as well), which is quite nice, considering they all get along pretty well.

Edward and Sophie of Wessex *sigh* I guess they both know they shouldn’t be there (I’ve seen Harry and William at the England game btw, as I’m currently splitting my attention between football, the gala performance and this post *g*), and they’re looking not too happy to be stuck where they are. I wish there would have been some other arrangement, as pretty much everyone else is there. The only ones truly missing are some of the Islamic countries, I’d have loved to see Mohammed and Lalla Salma here but well, gotta take Abdullah and Ranie, they’re there.

As is Naruhito of Japan, who is looking somewhat lost at times but gets adopted in turn by the other royal couples, which is quite adorable (especially as Naruhito is about a head smaller than even most of the ladies in attendance…maybe they could put him next to Carl Philip sometime, he’s bound to feel tall at least XD).

Oh they just tried to sell Frederik of Denmark to Vikkan last minute *g*. And Mary is Not Amused. Even lass so as she was called a didgeridoo in front of the whole audience.

Life is good, my dears.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the wedding on Swedish and German tv and well as watching footie. I already have my media centre set up for that ^^ Look forward to it.

Preemptive? Thursday, May 27 2010 

Looks like Princess Madeleine is trying for preemptive flight up front with her disappearance act to Miami. It looks like the whole business with Jonas is not over and done with yet after all and that is…worrisome.

Considering the Swedish media has been sitting on the initial news for about a year – until the Norwegian tabloid had to go and put it out there – I really am worried what might come out now. Shesh Jonas, sleezebag. She’s well rid of him, by all means, but who would have thought this would cause such ripples in its wake?

I feel pretty bad for her. She doesn’t deserve this, no one does, really, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out. I have a bad, bad feeling about this.

You’re doing it wrong Wednesday, May 26 2010 

I like Princess Madeleine of Sweden, I really do. Actually I like all the Bernadottes, they’re….different but from what’s available about them and from the private photos and footage I’ve seen, they’re a rather normal family and pretty nice. That they have a kinda hot prince doesn’t hurt either, of course.

But because I like her I can also say: Madde, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, you’ve been cheated on and while you’ve known about it and still got engaged to him (why?? whyever did you do that?) and now you ended things just in time. You go girl. And I can understand that you’re hurt and that it still hurts even after some time has gone by. I get that. Everyone does, probably, which is why people are cutting you quite a bit of slack, or have been, in any case.

But cancelling all your official engagements until the wedding – even the National Day which is super important – and then have pictures showing up where you’re lying in the Miami sun while everyone else is working, because you older sisters’ wedding is just around the corner (even you brother, who hates publicity)…is not a good move.

(Photo from
It puts you personally in a bad light and at some point, no one will care much about the fact that your fiancé cheated on you anymore in a little while. These are family engagements, and you’ll have three times the attention at the wedding you would have gotten anyway.

Seriously, you should know better.

Question is how much there’s still in the background somewhere. Swedish reporters have been hinting at stuff and that might be a reason why her parents haven’t kept her home (not that they ultimately could, Madeleine is old enough to make her own decisions). But this… I don’t know, this is not going to end well, I have the feeling.

What if she doesn’t show up for the wedding? Aside from Victoria killing her, of course.

Let’s play a game Tuesday, May 25 2010 

Busy week so I didn’t get around to updating.

So for now let’s play a little game, it’s called: spot the prince

Anyone? ;)

Must be his best hiding act yet.

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