Wedding of Prince Nikolaos #3 Wednesday, Aug 25 2010 

I love how Daisy and Sofia went for cool blue and fiery red, both aunts of the groom. But did Daisy forgot to remove the price tag?

Daisy and Sofia


A game royal Thursday, Jul 8 2010 

Well, well, it looks like our dear princes aren’t the only ones interested in footie.

Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Màxima were present when the Netherlands destroyed Uruguay (*sniff* poor Urus… *sniff* and all because Luis couldn’t be there…).

While my heart goes out to the Urus and their plight (and my plight, because now they’re playing Germany and my loyalties remain divided on this one), it’s nice to see WA and Maxi go all out like this. It’s obvious they’re having fun being there and aren’t doing it just because it’s their duty. Very refreshing.

But it indeed is a very royal game, when even Kings and Queens are in attendance:

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain watching the game just last night, when Spain utterly destroyed any notion of championship Germany might have had. And truth be told, I don’t much care, which is somewhat, well, mean towards my country’s team but they really played abysmal. Which probably takes care of my divided loyalties too, because they just don’t deserve any kind of placement.

Also watching a came, a couple of weeks ago already, were Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock (not his fiancée then), but with Charlene being a native South African, that was to be expected.

One would think that teams are somehow having the upper hand when their monarch, or a future monarch at least, is watching. This brings about an interesting notion for Sunday, when the Netherlands and Spain are competing. And I guess you can say it’s a given that at least WA And Màxima will be watching indeed.