Subject says it all, yay!

This is a couple I’m thoroughly happy with and for :-). Zara Phillips is one of my favourite British royals (who are, in order of age and nothing more, Philip, Anne, Zara and Harry, although I do like Peter as well; until he turned out to be a total moron, William could have been somewhere in that list as well), so this is great news.

And her ring is so much prettier than the millstone William settled Kate with!

(Don’t you also love it how her nails are not made within an inch of their lives? Granted, she could have cleaned them, but that very much depends on what she’s been doing the rest of the day. Zara does take care of her own shit, figuratively speaking, so I’m cutting her some slack.)

I like these two. Zara is a very down to earth kind of gal. I don’t know a lot about Mike (other than that he’s a professional rugby player and Very British, if you know what I mean), but they’ve been dating forever, and it’s never been made high-profile, which only speaks for him, really.

♥ ♥ ♥

Should any child of Zara’s follow in their mother’s footsteps (like Zara did in Anne’s), this will not only be the third generation of professional equestrians in this family, but might just be the second generation of royal children growing up in the equestrian circus (Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg recently gave birth to a little boy if you remember, she’s a professional equestrian, too (dressage), while it is entirely possible that children of both Madeleine of Sweden and Charlotte Casiraghi (both have been or still are active in show jumping competitions) may do so as well, although at least Charlotte’s Children will be a couple of years younger than the rest, things with Madde probably depend on if/when she finds a husband….some people have suggested Harry, although I’m not quite sure who I should feel more sorry for).

So yay, Zara! You go girl!